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Our History

American Holtzkraft, Inc. was founded in February 1985 by Phillip and Barbara (Apple) Bodden. Phillip C. Apple hailed from a third generation apple farm; which he and his father, the late Herbert Apple, operated 1000 acres of the A/A Orchards until the summer of 2002.

Between harvest times the employees of A/A Orchards would be looking for work, so Phil and Barbara set out to find a niche that would utilize their employees’ Amish workmanship and enhance their wood operations. After much searching for the niche and the need for an outdoor umbrella in their backyard, Phil and Barbara realized only one outdoor umbrella manufacturer existed in the country in California. American Holtzkraft, Inc., was created and our first umbrellas were manufactured in an Amish barn, with hydraulic sewing machines. Many of the original employees continue to work for American Holtzkfraft, Inc., today.

We regret that Phil Apple our co-founder went home to be with the Lord on February 19, 2011. Barbara (Apple) Bodden has assumed the role of President/CEO maintaining the business and its employees which continues its business growth in the Industry.

Our Patents and Attention to Producing Quality Products

By attending trade shows and knocking on doors, Phil and Barbara were able to gather valuable information from those in the industry on vendors’ needs in the Hotel, Theme park, Water Park and Retail industry. These needs all lead to Phil’s eight patents for improving, testing and enhancing products used in the industry today. The double-vented umbrella was one of the many ideas that Phil tested and made successful without the ability to patent. One of the most successful patents is the 8 foot double-vented rotating canopy umbrella. Thousands of these umbrellas exist in the industry and are proven extremely durable in high wind conditions. This umbrella was wind tested behind a King Air Jet and at the University of Maryland’s Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel. Another extremely successful invention is the in-ground stanchion with a newly designed quick release latch.

American Holtzkraft remains a small family business, but our continued interest in engineering and designing quality products continues to grow. Synthetic wood and recycled plastic were added to our products, which allows our outdoor furnishings to be manufactured with a wood appearance-without wood’s high maintenance.

Our Growth

American Holtzkraft maintains a location in Oakland, Florida where service, sales and a show room support our loyal Florida customers, refinishing and refurbishing product out in the field.

Our sales team in California maintains a presence servicing our major customers in California and Las Vegas along with International Sales.

Lasting & Growing Relationships

Major theme parks have grown to be our largest customer base, continuing to work with American Holtzkraft for over 25 years. We understand and believe in their high standards for quality and concentrating on outdoor umbrellas. The rotating-canopy umbrella was developed specifically for theme parks to keep their umbrellas open during afternoon thunderstorms, saving on employee revenue – by eliminating the employee’s responsibility to close the umbrellas. Following many years of joint research with these theme parks – American Holtzkraft was able to satisfy their needs of a synthetic wood and recycled plastics to replace the use of natural wood and the high costs of maintaining natural wood products.

Continued Support & Service

American Holtzkraft not only manufacturers new products as well as refinishing and refurbishing existing products. It is also a large part of our business. American Holtzkraft is able to work with our customers supplying them with service and support in: replacement tops, furniture rehab and recreating previously purchased from other vendors…..just a few services we offer.

Creating custom specialized products in wood, metal and other unique materials is also a service American Holtzkraft provides our customers with… and tomorrow.

Our History

Our Growth

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Barbara Bodden
American Holtzkraft, Inc.

Barbara Bodden

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