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Distinctive hardwood grains are preserved by slow kilndrying, sealing, and a slow drying of multiple natural or wood toning finishes.

Standard Features

Durable Varnish
 Multiple coats of marine varnish increase weather and water resistance.
 Varnish is specially formulated with ingredients that screen out the destructive ultraviolet rays of the sun, which is one of the principle causes of deterioration and loss of gloss on any varnish film, and helps prevent the wood from turning dark with age.
 VOC compliance meets clean air standards.
 Clear air formula.

Wood Stains
 Penetrates and seals the wood from moisture while adding rich color.
 Semitransparent feature shows wood grain and adds long-lasting protection.

All umbrellas and furniture products are available in a variety of wood species including: Plantation-Grown Teak and Western Cedar.

* Color reproduction is as close as possible.

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1. Teak

2. Natural

3. Mahogany

4. Stonehenge Gray

5. White Wash

6. Black Enamel

7. White Enamel

A note about our umbrella and wind tunnel testing... American Holtzkraft, Inc takes this opportunity to boast the results of its offical wind tunnel test performed by a respected university - achieving an impressive 74.5 MPH before any failure. Complete test results for most models are available upon request, as well as video of various tests for your viewing pleasure.

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