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The cornerstone of our company enjoys simple elegant styled umbrellas with patented features making this series the best offering known in the industry. While many have tried to copy the recipes, they have features known only from success.

 701 – 6' Octagon Umbrella (1 ½" pole)
 702 – 8' Octagon Umbrella (1 ½" pole)
 703.5 – 10' Octagon Umbrella (1" steel reinforced pole or 2" pole)
 705 – 12.5' Octagon Umbrella (2" steel reinforced pole or 2 ⅜" pole)
 706 – 15' Octagon Umbrella (2" steel reinforced pole or 2 ⅜" pole)
 707 – 5' Square Umbrella (1 ½" pole)
 709 – 7' Square Umbrella with 8 ribs (1 ½" or 2" pole)
 710 – 8' Square Umbrella with 8 ribs (1 ½" steel reinforced pole or 2" pole)
 711.5 – 10' Square Umbrella with 8 ribs (1 ½" steel reinforced pole or 2" pole)

American Holtzkraft, Inc. reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.

Warranty: Although constructed from the finest materials, all umbrellas and furniture are specially exempt from any warranty due to severe weather conditions to which umbrellas or furniture may be subjected. Umbrellas / furniture must be inspected upon receipt. If any defects are discovered, they should be reported immediately and must not be put into service.

Note: All umbrellas feature 100% Acrylic Woven Fabric or Comparable Fabric. Construction of other umbrella shapes and sizes, including alternated frame and covering materials, is available upon request.

Engineering Quality
a. Automatic opening devices for ease of opening and closing in Models 701, 702, 703.5, 707, 709, and 710. Patented and engineered by American Holtzkraft, Inc. specifications available upon request. ( Includes option "d", not available with Option"b") Patent No. 4928718.
b. Rotating canopy to release stress from pole and hubs allowing umbrella to be left open in most weather conditions. ( Includes Option "d" ) Patent No. 5020557.
c. Double Vent feature invented by our company allows the air to escape the canopy in strong winds.

Strength and Durability
d. Reinforced laminated pole with full-length 3/8" galvanized steel pipe in center. ( Recommended for 1 1/2" pole.)
f. Stainless steel hardware trim for Marine applications.
f1. Fire retardant fabric treatment.
f2. Stainless steel flush pole guard for maximum protection against swelling.
g. Wood toning, various finishes, and gloss protective build. (Call for quote.)

h. Pole length may be adjusted for in-ground use; flush pole guard available in various lengths.
i. Reversed poles for hanging umbrellas.
j. Wide selection of stock fabrics; custom fabric weaving and sewing; silk screening and logos.
k. Flush-to-surface rib lighting and/or down lighting packages available with hidden wires.

Lasting Beauty
 Distinctive Hardwood grains preserved by slow kiln-drying, sealings, and a slow drying of multiple finishes.

Strength, Engineering Quality, and Durability
 A full-length solid ash pole is laminated for strength and protection against warping.
 Aluminum flush pole guard protects pole and minimizes swelling in stand.
 Hub is horizontally multi-laminated with Northern Ash, the hardest wood grown in the U.S., and reinforced internally with stainless steel hardware. Hub design accents strength, keeping the wood girth in all weather.
 Multi-laminated finial provides further protection against excessive exposure to weather.
 Flexible, durable, high-gloss finish for outdoor use.
 Solid brass fabric-connecting bracket are sealed with clear lacquer. Solid brass grommets and screws attach the fabric. All screws are flush to protect the fabric when umbrella is closed.
 Heavy, solid brass eye-screw and chain connect the positioning pin.
 Stainless steel self-locking acorn nuts for permanently securing rib joints.

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