10’x10′ Tent Cabanas for Resorts

American Holtzkraft provides a wide range of hospitality site furnishings, including 10’x10’ tent cabanas for resorts. We produce market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and other custom site furnishings to ensure your guests enjoy themselves in luxury, comfort, and style.

10’x10′ Tent Cabanas for ResortsFounded in 1985, with headquarters in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, American Holtzkraft designs and creates top-tier furnishings for hospitality exterior environments. As a female-owned small business with a worldwide footprint, we’re committed to customer satisfaction and quality products. We regularly serve various hospitality venues, including theme parks, water parks, hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, and more.

We make all of our products with fine materials, including locally resourced Northern Ash hardwoods and the brilliant workmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch community. When combined with our innovative and patented designs, the results are extraordinary.

American Holtzkraft Cabanas

Daybed Cabanas

The daybed cabanas that we produce are made with a marine-grade aluminum frame. This frame is easy to break down and move, and the fabric has the same weight as those used for boats and awnings. We have perfected the design to maximize functionality and appearance.

The Beach Cabana model has a side pocket for guests to place their possessions and keep them out of the way but within reach.

All of our cabanas can be coordinated to match thematically with our market umbrellas, so you can easily create a top-notch exterior design.

Other essential features include:

  • Cushions with Quick-dry foam
  • Strong marine-grade Sunbrella fabric
  • Wind vents in the rear of the cabana
  • Attachable to day beds or double chaise lounges

Tent Cabanas

The tent cabanas your guests enjoy during a day at the beach need to make the right impression. American Holtzkraft tent cabanas feature marine-grade aluminum or wood frames that are easy to assemble. We offer a wide range of textiles and two sizes of cabanas to meet all needs. When bad weather is imminent, taking the cabana down can be completed quickly.

Market Umbrellas

American Holtzkraft produces an assortment of market umbrella models along with full customization. Exclusive rights of use can make the design you choose an integrated part of your branding plan.

Please tell us your needs, and with some guidance from our team, we’ll meet them with appropriate and custom creations. Our pieces offer shade, protection, and aesthetic structure for your exterior spaces while enhancing your brand.

American Holtzkraft allows you to choose the size and shape required for your space. The shape should reflect the area that needs shade, and the size should include an extra two feet to account for the movement of shade.

We offer a wind-damage-resistant model that allows the canopy to rotate fully and the wind to flow through dual venting. Testing shows that this model can withstand high winds up to 74.5 mph before damage occurs.

Additional Services

Beyond the production of site furnishings, American Holtzkraft provides repair and refurbishment of used site furnishings. We’ll help you save money and operate sustainably.

The SAM visits that we offer to Florida clients allow for the perfection of our clients’ Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements of their facilities.

Whether you need 10’x10’ tent cabanas or market umbrellas for spaces at resorts and other establishments, come to American Holtzkraft. Click here to explore our catalog, and bring any questions or orders to our team by calling (570) 539-8945.