7’x7′ Aluminum Tent Cabanas for Resorts

Welcome resort guests to a luxurious setting! American Holtzkraft offers high-end 7’x7’ and 10’x10’ aluminum tent cabanas for resorts and other venues to provide patrons with an elegant and comfortable refuge from the sun and prying eyes during a day at the pool or on the beach. 

American Holtzkraft Tent Cabanas 

  • Aluminum Frame
    • 7’x7’ tent cabanas
    • 10’x10’ tent cabanas
  • Wooden Frame
    • 7’x7’ tent cabanas
    • 10’x10’ tent cabanas

7’x7′ Aluminum Tent Cabanas for ResortsOur tent cabanas offer easy setup and provide privacy and protection for resort guests. The wooden frame cabanas have an optional feature of quick collapse for occasions when inclement weather threatens. This benefit can be helpful for resorts with frequent afternoon storms.

When shopping around for a site furnishing provider, American Holtzkraft deserves your consideration. We offer a wealth of advantages and work to achieve customer satisfaction.

High-End and Durable Tent Cabanas

American Holtzkraft chooses the finest materials to build site furnishings. Aluminum or wooden cabana frames provide sturdy support for marine-grade cabana fabrics that will safely protect guests from sun exposure and nosy lookie-loos. The materials, design, and hand-crafted expertise result in furnishings that will last for years.

Installation and Safety Features of Tent Cabanas

While we prioritize customization and visual appeal, safety is of utmost concern to American Holtzkraft. We refuse to produce unsafe umbrellas and other site furnishings. You can be confident that you’re providing your guests with the safest cabanas available, and they’re also the easiest to install. 

The Elegant Design of Tent Cabanas

A resort must provide guests with a positive experience. The atmosphere needs to be luxurious and even decadent, and when the setting is outdoors, tent cabanas can contribute to achieving the desired aesthetic. We offer well-built and elegant cabanas, customizable to complement the chosen decor.

Ease of Ordering from American Holtzkraft

The team at American Holtzkraft has the experience and expertise required to facilitate your ordering process quickly and thoroughly. We can also help you determine the appropriate size or number of units required and accommodate your custom design requests. 


In 1985, American Holtzkraft began producing site furnishings based on the notion that existing designs needed to be improved. We operate out of Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, and prioritize innovative design and quality work. The cabanas you purchase from us will be easily maintained and provide many years of reliable service. 

Our success stems mainly from two practices – taking advantage of local natural and human resources and allowing client needs to drive design and production. 

In addition to designing and producing award-winning high-end cabanas, daybeds, and market umbrellas, American Holtzkraft offers repair and refurbishment services. Our dedicated refurbishment facility welcomes well-used site furnishings for inspection, repair, and refurbishment. We can return products of all brands to like-new condition, saving clients money and reducing carbon emissions and resource use.

SAM visits, which we offer to Florida clients, are also helpful. During these visits, we evaluate the facilities’ Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements and provide suggestions for remediation or improvement.

Click here to browse the American Holtzkraft online catalog of market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and other site furnishings. When you’re ready to order 7’x7’ aluminum tent cabanas or other pieces for resorts, call (570) 539-8945 or email [email protected] to place an order.