7’x7′ Tent Cabanas for Resorts

American Holtzkraft offers tent cabanas in two sizes, 7’x7′ and 10’x10′, for events held at resorts and other spaces. Available in aluminum or wood, these furnishings will elevate your events and please all of your guests.

American Holtzkraft Tent Cabanas

7’x7′ Tent Cabanas for ResortsThe tent cabana is an essential site furnishing for hospitality businesses. Whether provided for VIP use at special events or included as part of the setup for high-end events, tent cabanas offer protection and shade.

We offer two sizes – 7’x7’ and 10’x10’ – and two frame materials – aluminum and steel-reinforced wood.

Models of Tent Cabanas:

  • Aluminum Frame
    • Model #241 – 7’x7’ tent cabanas
    • Model #244 10’x10’ tent cabanas
  • Wooden Frame
    • Model #741 – 7’x7’ tent cabanas
    • Model #744 – 10’x10’ tent cabanas

The tent cabanas that we produce are set up and taken down easily. The wooden framed ones even have a quick-collapse feature for swift actions when storms threaten.

The difference between our products and the competition largely rests on the quality of our materials, workmanship, and customer service.

Only the best materials go into our site furnishings. The Northern Ash hardwoods we primarily use are the hardest hardwoods grown in North America; this wood is also used to create baseball bats. The fabric is equally appropriate, being the same textiles used for boats and awnings. This material will withstand the tests of exposure and resists sun fading, mold and mildew growth, and stain formation.

American Holtzkraft prioritizes safety, personalization, and customer satisfaction.

The elegance of tent cabanas needs to be effortless. The luxury inherent to the design should be natural, not requiring extraordinary effort to accomplish. Our cabanas are built for long terms of service that will satisfy all of our client’s needs, and we can customize the design to suit the overall branding design. If you create coordinating designs across your American Holtzkraft site furnishings, request exclusive rights of use for the design to protect your branding promotion.

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Born from innovation and commitment to clients, American Holtzkraft has been operating for over 35 years. We are a female-owned and led business headquartered in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA. All of our production efforts occur in the US. When we provide site furnishings, they are of the best quality possible, and we offer services to refurbish and repair pieces.

Our home area offers natural and human resources. The Northern Ash hardwood forests offer strength and durability, and the Pennsylvania Dutch population provides expert hand-craftsmanship.

While we offer incredibly well-built, high-quality tent and beach cabanas, daybeds, market umbrellas, and built-to-order site furnishings, we also provide repair and refurbishment services for site furnishings built by all producers. We can help you save money by returning your pieces to like-new and usable condition while promoting sustainable efforts.

Florida customers can receive SAM visits from American Holtzkraft. We will diagnose deficiencies in venues’ Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance aspects and prescribe solutions to those issues.

Click here, call (570) 539-8945, or email [email protected] to learn more about 7’x7’ tent cabanas or other products from American Holtzkraft for resorts, event spaces, and other hospitality businesses. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to support you in your efforts to design the ideal site furnishings for your guests.