8′ Wooden Outdoor Benches

Complete the exterior of a hospitality space with 8’ wooden outdoor benches from American Holtzkraft. We create site furnishings for all hospitality ventures – from market umbrellas and cabanas to wooden and recycled plastic site furnishings. Our work will help you build the ideal exterior design aesthetically and functionally.

8' Wooden Outdoor BenchesAmerican Holtzkraft has offered high-quality site furnishings to the hospitality market for 35+ years. We are committed to customer service, responsive service, and personalized and durable products. Over time, our reach has expanded worldwide, and we’re proud to serve many clients. We’d welcome you to become one of them.

Seating will be needed when designing an outdoor space, but the type will depend on the purpose and the area. Wooden benches from American Holtzkraft can complement the area’s vibe, especially if the purpose is primarily for resting, enjoying the view, or people-watching.

We create various bench options. With or without a back or arms, shorter or longer, and in the timber of your choice, our benches can be customized to suit the overall design of your venue.

Why Benches?

Welcome guests—Event spaces need to provide guests with a spot to sit while mingling during events or walking. Whether beachside or on a resort’s exterior, patrons will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a bench along the walking path.

Resort guests may love the provided gym, but you may also find that they want to get outside for a workout, and benches provide a sturdy spot for using body weight and exercising the core, legs, arms, and back. Fresh air and Vitamin D can be as important for physical health as activity, so providing this feature can benefit your patrons.

American Holtzkraft offers a range of wooden bench models for use at sports arenas and parks, recreational areas, school playgrounds, theme parks, restaurants, water parks, cruise lines, golf resorts, and more. We serve all sorts of hospitality endeavors.

Wooden Benches from American Holtzkraft

  • Model #400 – 5’ Standard Bench with optional mahogany finish, wood sealed by slow kiln drying and layers of natural or wood toning finishes for distinctive grains, several layers of marine-grade varnish, tongue-and-groove assembly, hand-crafted, slat-back and solid seat
  • Model #3414 – 4’ Backless Bench with natural or wood toning finishes
  • Model #3404 – 4’ Ash Wood Bench with Arms – distinctive wood grains, marine varnish for weather and water resistance, tongue-and-groove assembly, hand-crafted, available in 6’ and 4’
  • Model #3408 – 8’ Teak Wood Bench with Arms – distinctive wood grains, finish of choice, marine varnish, tongue-and-groove assembly, hand-crafted
  • Model #3415 – 5′ Ash Wood Backless Bench – same American Holtzkraft features that enhance the natural wood beauty and robust hand-crafted construction
  • Model #3426 Custom Made 6’ Teak Wood Bench
  • Model #3330 6’ Eucalyptus Wood Carved Bench
  • Model #3430 8’ Ash Wood Bench

Click here, call (570) 539-8945, or email [email protected] to explore 8′ wooden outdoor benches produced by American Holtzkraft for hospitality businesses. We offer a wide range of wooden site furnishings alongside our market umbrellas, cabanas, and recycled plastic pieces. We welcome the opportunity to customize the pieces we build to meet your style and functional needs. If you’re ready to be impressed by the level of our customer service and quality work, reach out today.