Best Commercial Pool Umbrellas

Commercial pool areas need the absolute best market umbrellas available, like those produced by American Holtzkraft. Our catalog of umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings is full of options. We specialize in fulfilling the needs of the hospitality industry for all outdoor furnishing needs.

Best Commercial Pool UmbrellasOperating out of Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, American Holtzkraft is owned by women and reliant on the hardwoods and craftsmen of the area. Since 1985, we have offered the best commercial umbrellas on the market. Today, we have six different patented designs that rise above the competition and create lasting and beautiful market umbrellas.

The American Holtzkraft market umbrella offers long-term, easy maintenance. With a straightforward process of care, your investment will last for years. Easy maintenance will allow you to keep the same high-end aesthetic and functioning ability from the first day of service to the last.

Create the Perfect Environment for Poolside Relaxation

The perfect day spent poolside doesn’t have to result in blisters and sun-burned skin. Invest in quality American Holtzkraft pool umbrellas to protect swimmers and pool guests from sun exposure and more.

We also offer daybeds and cabanas to take your guests’ poolside lounging from upright to horizontal or single to a group. American Holtzkraft makes it easy to customize the canopies and other features to fit the brand or even feature a logo.

As hospitality guests enjoy their day, the brand providing the pool, umbrella, and ambiance will be firmly embedded in their minds.

The Finest Pool Umbrellas Have the Finest Features

The wooden umbrellas that we make here at American Holtzkraft take advantage of the strength and durability of the hardest woods grown here in the US. Northern Ash, locally sourced, composing lasting wooden poles.

The finest fabrics attached to the poles are likewise durable and will withstand the tests of weather and time, even as the poles stand solid and stable against exposure.

The genius of the American Holtzkraft originating design is that the umbrella rotates on an axis around the pole, withstanding wind pressures without breaking. We hold the patent on this method of stress-reduction, and its power is established through wind testing.

The American Holtzkraft qualities include:

  • Durable varnish with multiple coats to increase weather, water, and UV resistance fully complies with clean air standards.
  • Wood stains penetrate and seal to protect from moisture and add color while highlighting the wood grain.

The aluminum umbrellas from American Holtzkraft are also strong and durable but provide increased mobility. The solid aluminum hub offers a modern design, and the ribs are connected individually with stainless steel pins and large screws. Hotels, restaurants, and beach attendants can repair and move these easily.

These umbrellas include several features. A few of these have a brushed aluminum finish, a rotating canopy to handle the stress from windy conditions, a marine-grade aluminum pole, stainless steel hardware, and double-stitched reinforced pockets.

To see for yourself the quality work produced by American Holtzkraft, check out our online project gallery. The stand-out quality is evident in every last detail and the final results of all of our bespoke creations.

The best commercial umbrellas for pool areas come from American Holtzkraft. We make it easy to customize the design by calling (570) 539-8945.