Commercial Aluminum Frame Cabanas for Resorts

American Holtzkraft is a first-class source of commercial aluminum frame cabanas for resorts and other hospitality entities. The site furnishings that we offer exude luxury while lasting season in and season out.

Commercial Aluminum Frame Cabanas for ResortsFemale-owned and operated, American Holtzkraft has been leveraging innovation, quality materials, and expert artistry since our beginning in 1985. Over time, we’ve established a global presence due to our committed customer service and stellar site furnishings. From resorts to theme and water parks, restaurants, and more, every hospitality venue with exterior spaces could use American Holtzkraft site furnishings.

All American Holtzkraft products are comprehensively constructed from the best materials, like the hardest North American hardwood, Northern Ash, aluminum, solid brass, stainless steel, and marine-grade textiles. We’re headquartered in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, an area rich in Northern Ash timber and skilled artisans in the local Pennsylvania Dutch population. When joined to our innovations, the materials and composition create world-class site furnishings that are second to none.

Daybed Cabanas from American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft daybed cabanas are built upon a sturdy aluminum frame that resists corrosion in marine environments. The frame can be adjusted quickly and includes a side pocket for holding items when they need to be put out of the way.

Our daybed cabanas can also be customized with any market umbrellas or other site furnishings you order from us. Our program includes an option for exclusive use rights to make branding through the design possible.

Our daybed cabanas dry quickly because of the special foam that composes the cushions, resist wear due to the textiles used, stay cool from the wind vents, and attach to chaise lounges for ultimate protection and privacy while relaxing.

Tent Cabanas from American Holtzkraft

Our tent cabanas provide luxury and protection whether guests are on the beach, at a wedding, or enjoying a nice dinner with friends al fresca. These cabanas can be made with marine-grade aluminum or Northern Ash hardwood frames. They’re user-friendly – easy to set up and take down, but this convenience doesn’t mean they aren’t sturdy. We prioritize safety above all else, so you can be sure of the cabanas that we provide.

Market Umbrellas from American Holtzkraft

In addition to cabanas, we also produce market umbrellas. These models range in size, shape, and features, and we welcome customization requests. You can include your specially chosen design and logo, coordinating all your pieces to create branding opportunities through essential pieces.

Consult with our team for the ultimate design and best choice of shape and size. The shape needs to mirror the area that requires shade and items in the area, and the size needs to accommodate the shade’s movement throughout the day by incorporating a 2′ easement in addition to the area in question.

The wind-resistant model can stand against 74.5 mph winds before experiencing damage. It features dual venting of the canopy as well as full canopy rotation.

Extra Services from American Holtzkraft

  • Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • SAM visits (Florida clients only)

Whether you need commercial aluminum frame cabanas for resorts or other hospitality venues, American Holtzkraft delivers. Click here to peruse our online catalog, and contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (570) 539-8945.