Commercial Cabanas

Commercial cabanas offer a place to welcome guests to hospitality venues, providing them comfort and a place to relax with a sense of privacy. American Holtzkraft produces top-of-the-line site furnishings to set the stage for a poolside party or wedding reception. We offer two categories of cabanas: beach cabanas and tent cabanas. 

Commercial CabanasAmerican Holtzkraft, founded in 1985, offers quality site furnishings based on a dedication to lasting materials, innovative designs, and skilled workmanship. Headquartered in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, we produce market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and custom site furnishings. 

Over four decades, we have developed various designs and perfected our process. We can supply appropriate furnishings if your business welcomes guests in exterior spaces.

Cabanas and Their Purpose

Commercial cabanas fill a need for privacy in spaces where privacy is complex. They make guests feel welcomed and sheltered at resorts, hotels, water parks, and other poolside and beachside areas. Our tent cabanas are also vital to poolsides and can be helpful in restaurants, weddings, sporting events, pop-up kiosks, and more. 

American Holtzkraft cabanas are made to stand tall in an outside environment marked by wind, precipitation, and sun. We use outstanding fabrics and supports put together with a robust structural design. 

Our structures are resistant to wear. They’ll endure exposure and will last for several seasons. 

American Holtzkraft Beach Cabanas

We design these beach cabanas to be adjustable and appealing. 

The frame is made of durable, marine-grade aluminum with a canopy of lasting Sunbrella fabrics, typical of that used on boats and awnings. Our design has been perfected to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the space in question.

The colors and design of the beach cabana can be customized to parallel the design of your market umbrellas for a cohesive space design. 

This cabana has a side pocket to hold guests’ possessions, so they’ll be conveniently located – close enough to grab but tucked out of the way. The cushions are made with foam that dries quickly, and the canopy features wind vents to resist exposure damage.

The beach cabana from American Holtzkraft can be attached to one of our double-chaise loungers or daybeds.

American Holtzkraft Tent Cabanas

The frame of American Holtzkraft tent cabanas can be made of wood or aluminum, and the designs facilitate easy assembly. To provide privacy and protection from the glare of a late afternoon sun for any party or poolside gathering, our tent cabanas can be made with any grade of fabric to suit the conditions of your location and the frequency of use.

We offer two sizes of tent cabanas – 7’ or 10’ square. Suit any size patio or pool area well with our various models. Be ready for any turn of the weather with the quick-collapse feature on specific wood-framed models.

From weddings to showers, parties to tournaments, various events find tent cabanas appropriate. The pieces set the stage for comfort and provide a sense of closeness for conversation. 

During a day spent poolside or beachside, tent cabanas offer a VIP experience for groups of friends. This valuable real estate can earn a premium for a day’s rental at resorts and water parks. 

American Holtzkraft commercial cabanas outshine the competition! We also provide market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and other custom site furnishings. For a taste of what we offer, click here to view the online catalog. Ready to order? Email us at [email protected] or call (570) 539-8945.