Commercial Daybeds for Hotels

The commercial daybeds for hotels available from American Holtzkraft check all the boxes: top-quality, affordable, durable, and customizable! We blend imagination, engineering know-how, fine materials, master craftsmanship, and stellar customer service to accomplish this feat.

Features of American Holtzkraft Cabanas/Daybeds

  • Marine-grade aluminum
  • Collapsible frame
  • Boat and awning weight textiles
  • Seamless functioning
  • Included side pocket
  • Color-coordination with market umbrellas available
  • High-quality cushions containing quick-dry foam
  • Durable marine-grade Sunbrella textiles
  • Rear wind vents
  • Options to attach beach cabana (single or double-chaise lounge)

Commercial Daybeds for HotelsThe American Holtzkraft daybed/cabana combo will elevate your hotel patio space aesthetically while promoting its functionality. Supply your guests with the space to enjoy their poolside experience thoroughly.

The daybed is a hybrid sofa/chaise/bed. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to relax in comfort with sun protection. They will be able to nap, read, listen to music, or converse with companions without the discomfort of a poorly made poolside furnishing piece, and this comfort will influence their impression of your hotel’s quality.

Used in conjunction with a beach or tent cabana or on its own, an American Holtzkraft daybed offers superior comfort for a perfect day by the water.

About American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft began as a child of innovative design in 1985. We operate out of Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, producing cabanas, daybeds, market umbrellas, and other custom site furnishings. As a female-owned small business with a hard-earned global footprint, we’re proud of our accomplishments and diligently strive to live up to our legacy.

Six patents and several ADEX honors recognize our commitment to innovation. We rely on quality materials to produce quality results, including the best commercial daybeds in the industry.

All American Holtzkraft production occurs in the United States, and we direct the sale of our products to hospitality venues like resorts, hotels, theme parks, restaurants, cruise ships, water parks, and other event venues.

Relying on quality materials, such as Northern Ash hardwoods, the hardest hardwoods grown in North America, aluminum, stainless steel, and solid brass, we start implementing our innovative designs on the right foot.

Utilizing the expertise of the Pennsylvania Dutch population to produce our site furnishings sets the stage for a synergistic result where the incredible materials, designs, and craftsmanship create a product far superior to the individual components.

The Customer Experience at American Holtzkraft

When we say customers come first, we mean it. Our team prioritizes helping clients order appropriately, and we do everything possible to fulfill all orders quickly without sacrificing quality. Further, when mistakes do occur, we make the situation right. This unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed us to develop a reputation for quality.

We produce and refurbish site furnishings. If yours have seen better days, allow us to refurbish them. You’ll stretch your budget and operate more sustainably.

We also offer SAM visits to Florida clients. These visits allow us to evaluate the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements of the grounds and suggest improvements.

Click here to browse the American Holtzkraft online catalog. To place an order or request purchase assistance for commercial daybeds for hotels, call (570) 539-8945 or email [email protected]. We look forward to helping you equip your hospitality venues with perfectly crafted and customized site furnishings.