Commercial Daybeds

What high-end hotel, resort, or cruise ship deck is complete without commercial daybeds? American Holtzkraft provides the high-end, well-made, and elegant site furnishings needed by premier hospitality venues. 

American Holtzkraft Commercial Daybeds

Beach Cabanas and Daybeds

Commercial DaybedsThe daybed/cabana combination includes a collapsible aluminum frame supporting marine-grade fabric and a side pocket for tucking away sunscreen, smartphones, or other personal possessions. Choose American Holtzkraft cabanas for seamless performance and complete guest protection from the sun and its harmful effects on health and experience. 

Customers can coordinate the colors of their American Holtzkraft cabana and market umbrella purchases to create a complementary, themed site furnishing package. 

Other features of American Holtzkraft beach cabanas include the following:

  • Quick-dry foam composition of high-end cushions
  • Strong, lasting marine-grade Sunbrella textiles
  • Rear venting for wind-damage resistance
  • Attachable to American Holtzkraft daybeds or double-chaise lounges.

A daybed is a staple outdoor piece for waterfront resorts, water parks, poolsides, and other exterior spaces. At American Holtzkraft, you can custom-design your units’ color, pattern, and size. Our crew can help with these decisions if you need clarification. The visual aspects should complement your brand and existing decor, and the size and number of the units will depend on the dimensions of the space and expected capacity.

Standard Quality of American Holtzkraft

The composition of American Holtzkraft daybeds ensures quality as standard. The daybeds that we provide must withstand chemicals from pools, sea salt, and the sun’s UV rays. From the materials to the design, engineering, and hand-crafted construction processes we select, every element that goes into our daybeds highlights strength and durability. 

The investment you make when purchasing American Holtzkraft daybeds is worth every penny, and the pennies required for purchase will be far fewer than you might imagine. We offer cost-effective site furnishing solutions and 100% customer satisfaction, which has allowed us to develop a global footprint throughout our operations.

The Story of American Holtzkraft Success

Established in 1985, American Holtzkraft is based in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA. We’re proud to be a female-owned small business with a long history of success, including several ADEX Awards for the quality of our design. We take advantage of the resources available near our headquarters, including the Northern Ash hardwood forests and the skill of the Pennsylvania Dutch community. 

Northern Ash hardwoods are the hardest hardwoods used for baseball bat production, and the hand-crafted skill of the Pennsylvania Dutch is 


American Holtzkraft’s goal is to produce safe, top-tier site furnishings that meet the needs of our customers and their patrons. We build to order and go above and beyond to satisfy every customer. If a mistake occurs, we always make it right.

Additional Services from American Holtzkraft

  • Repair and refurbishment services – Bring us your used site furnishings (of any brand), and we’ll return them to like-new condition, saving you cash.
  • SAM visits (Florida clients only) – On-site evaluations of your facilities’ SAFETY, AESTHETIC, AND MAINTENANCE aspects.

Click here if you’d like to browse the American Holtzkraft catalog of commercial daybeds and other site furnishings. We also invite you to contact us via phone or email to pose questions, request purchase assistance, or place an order at (570) 539-8945 or [email protected].