Commercial Double Chaise for Resorts

Hospitality spaces like hotels, water parks, and resorts require luxurious lounge areas for pool decks, including commercial double chaise features. American Holtzkraft offers site furnishings for all venues in the hospitality industry worldwide. Whether you need market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, chaise lounges, or other custom pieces, rely on our expertise and customer service.

Double Chaise Lounger Units from American Holtzkraft

Commercial Double Chaise for ResortsAMERIKRAFT™ Synthetic Wood Double Chaise Lounge

This chaise is available in all standard colors, and we offer custom colors for an upcharge.

Model 5350 comes with the custom double chaise lounge, the cabana top, and the cushions. You can also purchase the individual pieces separately. Model number 5350B is the lounge alone, 5350C is the cabana top alone, and 5350CUSH includes only the chaise cushions.

Another option is Model 5360. This unit is a double chaise frame made of synthetic lumber with a 3-stage awning attached. It has deep seating, premium cushions, and a lockbox for guests to keep their possessions safe.

The American Holtzkraft Difference

The quality of the design, materials, and workmanship of American Holtzkraft site furnishings elevates our products above the industry average. We meet all of our customer’s needs, providing pieces for their venues that work well, last for multiple seasons, and have aesthetic appeal.

When resort guests venture to the pool or beachside, the furnishings that greet them matter. High-end venues require high-end site furnishings, which is what American Holtzkraft provides. Shop with us to establish a presence and please your guests as they relax in the sun.

Purchasing American Holtzkraft double chaise loungers or other products is an investment. Rely on us for all your site furnishings for assured quality, safety, customization, and satisfaction. We stand behind all our products and do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.

Producing the quality site furnishings we’re known for requires combining expert-level craftsmanship, the best available materials, and ingenious designs. We’ve won many ADEX awards, hold the record for the world’s largest market umbrella, and offer the most wind-resilient market umbrella. We also have six different patents for our designs.

Yet another difference in American Holtzkraft products is the demand for easy maintenance. We use durable materials that resist wear, stains, mold, and sun fading so employees can concentrate on meeting guests’ needs rather than caring for the site furnishings.

American Holtzkraft began operations in 1985 with a mission to elevate the standards of the site furnishing market, and we have succeeded. Initially a small business, we’ve established a foothold worldwide.

In addition to loungers, daybeds, cabanas, and market umbrellas that surpass the competition, we also refurbish used site furnishings, both ours and those produced by our competition. We also offer SAM visits to our Florida customers. During these visits, we will check out our clients’ spaces relative to any Safety, Aesthetic, or Maintenance issues and provide helpful feedback and remediation.

Click here, call (570) 539-8945, or email [email protected] to contact American Holtzkraft to learn more about our commercial double chaise loungers or other products for resorts and other hospitality venues. Elevating your outdoor spaces begins with a simple call or email to our team.