Commercial Outdoor Umbrella Manufacturers

American Holtzkraft offers the finest quality, customization options, and best customer service among the nation’s commercial outdoor umbrella manufacturers. Our umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings cater to their aesthetic and purpose-driven needs, from theme parks to country clubs, restaurants, and beyond.

Commercial Outdoor Umbrella ManufacturersThe American Holtzkraft process blends unique designs, top-notch materials, expert craftsmanship, and more to construct the best commercial umbrellas you’ll find. We make our products to withstand the tests of time, exposure, and regular use.

We use high-quality Northern Ash hardwoods, durable fabric and thread, solid brass hardware, stainless steel components, and multi-laminated hubs and finials.

As further evidence of the high-quality pieces we produce, consider the design recognition we’ve received, including from ADEX, Awards for Design Excellence. This program is the most substantial organization in regards to recognition of outstanding design.

Bespoke Market Umbrellas to Promote Your Brand

We stand out among the crowd of commercial umbrella producers in quality as well as customization potential. If you were to outfit the space with cookie-cutter or mismatched site furnishings, you would be wasting a significant opportunity for brand promotion and enhancement.

Choose American Holtzkraft to incorporate split panels, valances, trims, and special pleating to unify your outdoor space. By screen-printing the brand logo onto the umbrella canvas, we can further enhance the unity and brand enhancement. This process will allow you to fulfill the needs of your patrons and unify the space and credibility of the brand.

Identify the best size and shape for your purposes, tables, and surroundings. In all cases, you should pair the area that you need to shade with a 2’ buffer all the way around.

A Few Models to Spark Your Interest

#701 – Wooden Octagonal (Round) 6’ Market Umbrella

This umbrella, like our other wooden pieces, is made of Northern Ash hardwood. Through kiln-drying and sealing with several layers of finish, the wood receives special care for protection. A pole guard made of aluminum further protects the pole.

The hub of this market umbrella is multi-laminated Northern Ash with internal reinforcement provided by stainless steel components. The finial is also multi-laminated against exposure.

Fitting the canopy to the umbrella, we use solid brass pieces and seal them with clear lacquer. The screws are flush so that the fabric isn’t damaged through regular use.

#201B – Aluminum Round (Octagonal) 6 ½’ Market Umbrella

Made with a marine-grade aluminum pole, this market umbrella is designed to be durable. It has a rotating canopy that reduces the stress caused by windy conditions and stainless steel hardware and spacers to protect the moving components from rust.

Secure Installation

The stands we supply for installing market umbrellas work to securely stand your umbrella on concrete, wood, or dirt/sand. From the beach to the country club and beyond, you can be sure that American Holtzkraft market umbrellas will stand securely.

Call (570) 539-8945 or reach out online to speak with our customer service team at American Holtzkraft when you find yourself in need of the best among the available commercial outdoor umbrella manufacturers.