Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas North Carolina

The outdoor umbrellas you choose for commercial establishments in North Carolina should be in line with your business practices, tone, and function. American Holtzkraft offers customizations and quality that are second-to-none.

Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas North CarolinaThe patrons and clients who view and enjoy the site furnishings we provide will be impressed. With customization, you can enhance the branding campaign for your business, and the quality is worth the investment.

American Holtzkraft operates out of Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, and makes excellent use of our regional resources. From the local Northern Ash hardwoods to the innovative designs we’ve developed since 1985, and the craftsmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch population, all of the elements come together for the closest to perfect site furnishings possible.

We know that we’ve perfected the market umbrella design. Consider the following facts regarding American Holtzkraft market umbrellas:

  • They come in several shapes – square, rectangle, octagon (round), and decagon.
  • They range in size up to 15′.
  • They serve all hospitality businesses, including restaurants, hotels, resorts, country clubs, and more.
  • We no longer sell cantilever umbrellas because of the risk of injury related to the design.
  • Designs include temporary and permanent installation with a host of stabilization systems for diverse environments.
  • Our most wind resilient design has dual venting and a rotating canopy, allowing it to withstand winds of 74.5 mph before sustaining any damage during wind tunnel testing.
  • The canopies consist of fabric that resists UV rays, fading, staining, and mold/mildew growth. It’s primed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The canopies can be customized according to color, pattern, design, pleating, stitching, and logo placement.
  • The market umbrella pole can be either wooden with your choice of finish or aluminum.

Positioning Your Market Umbrellas

The design and layout of your market umbrellas can be overwhelming decisions, but the team here at American Holtzkraft can take the burden off your hands. We’ll be happy to help you determine the best design for your company, brand, purposes, space, etc. When the market umbrellas we provide check all of your boxes, we’ve done what we need to do. Our commitment to satisfied customers is beyond compare.

As you make decisions regarding your American Holtzkraft market umbrellas, begin with the space you plan to furnish. The shape and size of the canopy should complement the seating needed in the space.

Once you choose the size of the table and the seating capacity, you can then select a complementary shape. The size of the market umbrella canopy should extend 2′ beyond that on all sides to accommodate the sun’s movement throughout the day.

While the market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings that we produce are quite impressive, we don’t stop there. We also provide repair and refurbishment services to allow our clients to extend the lives of their pieces.

In addition, we offer SAM visits for our Florida clients. We evaluate the Safety, Aesthetics, and Maintenance of the exterior spaces, design, and furnishings during these visits.

In North Carolina, no matter the type of business you have, outdoor spaces used for service or relaxation will need commercial umbrellas. American Holtzkraft market umbrellas are as near to perfect as you will find. Dial (570) 539-8945 or browse our online catalog to learn more about the process of ordering custom-built site furnishings.