Commercial Tent Cabanas

If you’re looking for commercial tent cabanas, look no further than American Holtzkraft. We provide a variety of top-quality models alongside our incredible catalog of market umbrellas, daybeds, and other built-to-order site furnishings.

American Holtzkraft Tent Cabanas

Commercial Tent CabanasAmerican Holtzkraft produces outstanding tent cabanas with either aluminum or wood frames. With ease of assembly and a quick collapse option for our wooden framed cabanas, you’ll not find a more appropriate choice for high-end outdoor event venues. Our tent cabanas come in two sizes (7’x7′ or 10’x10′) with all fabric grades available. Our clients can custom design the product to coordinate with the other site furnishings within their outdoor furnishing systems.

Tent Cabana Models

#241 – Specs: aluminum frame, 7’x7’

#244 – Specs: aluminum frame, 10’x10’

#741 – Specs: wood frame, 1 ½” steel reinforced wooden pole, 7’x7’

#744 – Specs: wood frame, 1 ½” steel reinforced wooden pole, 10’x10’

About American Holtzkraft

Established over 35 years ago, American Holtzkraft specializes in producing custom-built site furnishings for all hospitality businesses—resorts, theme parks, water parks, event sites, and more. We’re a female-owned and led business with a global reach, committed to absolute customer satisfaction regardless of what it takes.

We choose the highest-quality materials to compose our products, including the hardest North American hardwood, the Northern Ash. This timber is also used to make baseball bats, but we offer other wood options for clients who would like a different wood. With six different patents and innovative designs, these high-quality materials are combined to create the best site furnishings on the market.

American Holtzkraft Daybed Cabanas

Daybed cabanas attach to patio loungers and offer shade, protection, and privacy for poolside relaxation. We use marine-grade aluminum framing for easy use and durability, and we choose exterior-grade textiles for the same reason.

When it comes time to take a dip—in the pool or the ocean—your guests will appreciate the included pocket on the daybed cabana. They’ll be able to stash their belongings out of the way and out of sight. As with other American Holtzkraft products, clients can custom design these products to coordinate with market umbrellas, tent cabanas, or other site furnishings for an overall design.

American Holtzkraft daybeds also feature quick-dry foam cushions, Sunbrella textiles, wind vents, and functionality with daybeds and double chaise lounges.

American Holtzkraft Market Umbrellas

The market umbrellas we produce at American Holtzkraft can be fully personalized and coordinated with the cabanas you order. We offer options for exclusive rights of use for a successful branding campaign.

Our umbrellas are available in octagon (round), square, decagon, and rectangle shapes and in a wide range of sizes. We also offer half-round umbrellas for placement alongside vertical structures, but cantilever umbrellas are no longer in our catalog because of the safety risks involved.

You will find the most wind-resilient market umbrella available on the planet. The model can withstand 74.5 mph winds before suffering damage due to the fully rotating and dually vented canopy feature.

Click here or call (570) 539-8945 to explore commercial tent cabanas from American Holtzkraft suitable for any high-end activity. We promise quality products and customer service that surpass your expectations.