Custom Branded Outdoor Umbrellas For Restaurants

Protect your patrons’ conversations and views with custom-branded outdoor umbrellas made by American Holtzkraft for restaurants and other hospitality venues. Our products will make your outdoor dining spaces more conducive to comfortable enjoyment while setting the tone and securing the brand in your customers’ minds.

Custom Branded Outdoor Umbrellas For RestaurantsAmerican Holtzkraft branded umbrellas allow you to stylishly and functionally expand your business’s exterior spaces while considering your customers’ needs. Protection from the sun’s glare, heat, and precipitation hazards will keep patrons happy and enjoying your cuisine.

Our market umbrellas are made of fine materials that prevent avoidable sun, wind, or water damage. They last longer and are worthy of your investment. When the weather threatens, you can provide your customers with protection.

We also incorporate seamless functionality into the mechanisms of our market umbrellas so that you can minimize the chore of daily setup and takedown, especially if a significant storm is approaching.

With our commercial umbrellas, the outdoor dining area of your restaurant, cafe, or diner will be welcoming, and with the branding we offer, loyal patrons will come calling more frequently. Promote brand recognition while protecting your customers from the discomforts that could stem from choosing to dine outdoors. We offer a unique, ideal product that outshines all of our competition.

The American Holtzkraft Difference

American Holtzkraft was born of innovation as early as 1985 when the founders recognized the potential adjustments that could make market umbrellas easier to use and longer lasting. Our headquarters is in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, and we operate as a female-owned small business with all production in the United States.

We pride ourselves on producing market umbrellas and other site furnishings that will work trouble-free season after season. Minimal maintenance and seamless functionality mean you’ll be happy with an American Holtzkraft purchase for many years. Our products feature impressive visual appearance, craftsmanship, and stellar operations.

The market umbrellas we offer may be made of aluminum or wood. Wooden units are usually built from Northern Ash hardwoods, although we offer other options, including Western Cedar and Plantation Grown Teak. The canopies atop the pole and hub are appealing and long-lasting, made of the highest-quality materials, and treated with methods designed to prolong life and use.

Our wind-resistant model relies upon two features: the ability to fully rotate around the pole’s axis and the canopy’s dual venting. These features mitigate the pressure of the winds, resisting the likelihood of damage. Wind tunnel testing has proven this model to resist damage up to winds of 74.5 mph, and we can provide video evidence of this strength.

Additional unique features of market umbrellas include durable varnish, several coats of marine-grade sealant, VOC-compliant materials, stains in the finish shade of your choice, wood grain appearance,

Our umbrellas can be customized according to your color, pattern, panels, stitching, logo design, and placement preferences. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a marketing experience out of a functional need.

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