Custom Design Umbrellas for Water Parks

When hospitality venues like water parks want to create a custom design for the umbrellas used to protect their guests, American Holtzkraft will fulfill this goal. We provide a plethora of umbrella, cabana, and daybed models along with custom creation of site furnishings. 

Essential Shade for Your Guests

Custom Design Umbrellas for Water ParksOperating a commercial enterprise in an outdoor setting creates the need for shade provision. How can you welcome guests and expect them to spend time outdoors without an avenue for enhancing comfort?

By providing comfortable and appealing places for rest between bouts of water sliding and while waiting in line, you’ll enhance your customers’ experiences and make it much more likely that they’ll return. This factor is critical to the success of hospitality businesses. Water parks want guests to return season after season.

Quality Shade for Guests

The quality of the shade provided will affect your guests’ experience and impression of the venue. American Holtzkraft offers a range of market umbrellas. Our entire suite of site furnishings meets and exceeds industry standards and will serve you well for many years. Our products are worthy of your investment. They are safe, well-made, and visually appealing.

We offer shade solutions that include standard and custom umbrellas, daybed cabanas, and tent cabanas. We offer all sizes and shapes of center-post umbrellas to stage the ideal environment in a water park setting. 

American Holtzkraft commercial umbrellas designed for water park use resist damage from pool chemicals, moisture, and sun exposure. The shade also provides unparalleled protection from UV rays for your guests. Imagine the appeal of a day at the water park without a sunburn! When guests choose to use the shade that you provide, they can.

Easy Maintenance and Repair for Site Furnishings

American Holtzkraft’s market umbrellas are easily cleaned, maintained, and repaired. The canvas fabric is resistant to staining, fading, molding, and mildewing, and the design facilitates easy repair on-site and convenient setup and takedown.

Long-Lived Site Furnishings

When site furnishings have long lives, you spend less. American Holtzkraft market umbrellas withstand time, use, and exposure tests. The design, materials, and production combine into a well-made, strong, and durable piece. When you invest in our site furnishings, you will have a piece that will last for years, and the bones are such that they welcome refurbishment when the piece begins to look less than pristine.

Refurbishment of Site Furnishings

American Holtzkraft offers more than site furnishing production. We also repair and refurbish site furnishings of our brand and our competition. Our dedicated refurbishment site allows our clients to save money and reduce the environmental impact of site furnishing production.

Branding Opportunities for Your Water Park

Water park market umbrellas from American Holtzkraft offer an ideal branding opportunity. 

  • Select colors and patterns that coordinate with existing branding
  • Design and include a logo on your umbrella
  • Coordinate the market umbrellas and cabana designs
  • Choose exclusive use rights for your design to cement the company brand further. 

Click here to explore the American Holtzkraft online catalog, and contact our team at (570) 539-8945 to create a custom design for water park umbrellas.