Custom Designed Umbrellas for Hotels

American Holtzkraft is a premier supplier of custom-designed umbrellas for hotels and other hospitality businesses. Welcome guests to your establishment with an appropriate exterior design with our products. In addition to market umbrellas, we produce cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings.

Custom Designed Umbrellas for HotelsComparing our products with other available site furnishings allows hospitality entities to choose the most durable, highest-quality, and most cost-effective options. Rely on our professional team to customize your site furnishings to overcome any challenges that your site has relative to the exterior space.

All Day Shade for Hospitality Guests

Hospitality spaces have a wide range of outdoor zones that require appropriate shade for guests. As they lounge, chat, dine, or mingle, guests will appreciate the protection provided by a beautiful market umbrella made by American Holtzkraft.

Remember as you order that the ideal size will be the area of the space requiring shade plus 2’ to account for the shade’s movement from morning to evening. This accommodation is key to avoiding glare on one side of a table or lounger.

Convenient SetUp, Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair

Hospitality professionals face busy and demanding days of meeting guests’ needs. Having market umbrellas that are difficult to set up and maintain will simply make these days more frustrating. Choose American Holtzkraft pieces for easy use, maintenance, and repair. Our furnishings are also resilient and durable in the face of regular use and exposure.

Cost-Effective Paired with High-Quality

The truth of the statement “you get what you pay for” is well-known, but that doesn’t mean you should pay too much to gain quality. American Holtzkraft offers the ideal balance of quality and cost. When you invest in our site furnishings, you won’t have to repeat the purchase season in and season out. We pride ourselves on satisfying customers, and we offer refurbishment to allow clients to save by giving used pieces a second or third life when they begin to look worn.

American Holtzkraft Quality

Since our founding in 1985, American Holtzkraft has produced the best market umbrellas available, leveraging high-quality workers and materials and innovative design for outstanding function.

The strong Northern Ash hardwood timber, aluminum, stainless steel, and solid brass components, Pennsylvania Dutch craftsman, and genius plans come together for a result that is second to none. We have six patents, the world record for the largest market umbrella ever made, and the most wind-resilient model available. This model features dual venting of the canopy and full canopy rotation and withstands 74.5 mph winds before any damage occurs.

Important American Holtzkraft Canopy Features

The canopies of our umbrellas are key to the durability and appeal of the pieces. We utilize marine-grade solid textiles that last, resisting wear, staining, fading, and mildew growth. You can rely on your market umbrella to keep its visual appeal without hours of scrubbing or special protection against exposure. Use the umbrellas as intended; they’ll perform for you for years.

The canopies can also be fully customized. Choose the textile texture, design, pattern, color, pleating, stitching, and logo placement of your market umbrella. You’ll also be able to choose between aluminum or hardwood poles, the size that you need, and several shapes, including square, rectangle, octagon (round), and decagon.

Custom-designed umbrellas for hotels are as close as a call to American Holtzkraft. Check out our online catalog and reach out to our team for order assistance by emailing [email protected] or calling (570) 539-8945.