Custom Patio Umbrellas

Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues need custom patio umbrellas as part of their essential site furnishing inventories. American Holtzkraft is the foremost provider of such. We make the best market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings in the industry, and we stand behind every single sale.

Custom Patio UmbrellasThe furnishings that we produce are marked by incredible quality. Custom site furnishings and items from our catalog are guaranteed to be heads above the products created by our competitors.

Welcoming Guests through Site Furnishing Designs

From restaurants to theme parks, the outdoor seating areas will incorporate seating for all sizes of groups. Along with this seating, the market umbrellas must be substantial enough to cover the whole site plus two feet on all sides. The extra coverage allows the market umbrella to provide sufficient shading throughout the day as the sun moves from the east to the west.

We Offer High-Quality and Affordable Pricing

The market umbrellas you purchase from American Holtzkraft will stand firmly against the tests of wind, sun, rain, and time, but that doesn’t mean that our prices are unreasonable. If you were to put low pricing as your buying point, you’ll, unfortunately, have to pay that same price next year. American Holtzkraft supports every sale through stellar customer support and vigilant quality control measures.

With American Holtzkraft, the finest quality materials and innovative design measures result in our clients’ precise and consistent site furnishings.

Lower the Overhead by Smart Purchasing

Plan when shopping for market umbrellas. Ensure that the ones you choose won’t require weekly scrubbing or repair. By choosing American Holtzkraft umbrellas, you can send your employees to take care of other business rather than fussing with site furnishings. Our canopies resist fading, tearing, wind damage, staining, and more. The poles are strong with multiple finishing layers and composed of the hardest of the hardwoods in North America, the Northern Ash. Even the small pieces are made from strong metals with rust-proof finishing.

Doing Business with American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft, founded in 1985, works according to high standards. We use the best quality wood and the spectacular craftsmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch population in the area. On top of that, our innovative, patented designs produce the most wind-resilient market umbrella available for purchase. Every day, we work toward perfection for the utmost customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The products made by American Holtzkraft are entirely handcrafted, durable, and aesthetically customizable. Our six different mechanisms include the rotating canopy and dual venting that create an umbrella able to withstand 74.5 mph winds during wind-tunnel testing.

As a testament to our long history of quality and design, we’d like to direct you to consider the multiple honors received from ADEX (Awards for Design Excellence).

The Customized Canopy

Market umbrella canopies from American Holtzkraft are made of rugged, durable textiles that resist fading, staining, and wear. You can choose the color, design, pleating, stitching, and even logo placement for your market umbrellas.

Custom patio umbrellas from American Holtzkraft amplify the design of all sorts of hospitality venues. We encourage you to glance through our online catalog, and if something catches your eye, feel free to call for details: (570) 539-8945.