Custom-Printed Umbrellas for Resorts

The culture and brand of resorts should be emphasized and cemented at every opportunity. American Holtzkraft’s high-end custom-printed umbrellas for resorts and other hospitality venues provide branding, functionality, and value. Invest in the guest experience and your company’s name when you choose American Holtzkraft products.

Custom-Printed Umbrellas for ResortsAmerican Holtzkraft is a US-based, female-owned small business headquartered in Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania. We leverage ingenuity, quality materials, and expert handcraftsmanship to produce world-class products. Combining this quality of products with incredible customer service has allowed us to experience results that are second to none, and we now have a global footprint.

Our catalog of products extends beyond market umbrellas to daybeds, cabanas, accessories, and other custom site furnishings. If you have a specific need for hospitality site furnishings, reach out to our team for a design that suits your purposes and visual preferences, including logo design and placement.

American Holtzkraft personalizes our products, but we also supply durability and easy maintenance for the hospitality ventures whom we serve. We cater to theme and water parks, resorts, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, cruise ships, event venues, and more.

Designing the Ideal Custom Market Umbrella

The team at American Holtzkraft can help you make the best choices when creating the ideal custom market umbrella for your business. We can also provide exclusive rights of use should you want to use the theme created as a vital element of your marketing scheme.

The functional decisions should be the ones you consider first—the shape, size, and number of your market umbrella order. While making these choices, mirror the shapes of the architectural elements and other furnishings in the area with the shape of the canopy. Add two feet to the area that needs to be shaded to choose the right size, and leave sufficient room for movement as you design areas around the market umbrellas.

The next stage of your plan will be the design features—wood vs. aluminum, canopy details, etc. Our team’s experience can be quite useful in logo design and placement as well as in choosing other aspects of the design. Some examples of the elements up for discussion include color, pattern, logo placement, embellishments, pleating, and stitching.

We also provide stands and stanchions to suit every type of environment and placement period. Mobile or permanent, sand or cement, we offer systems to support your market umbrellas stably and safely.

Safety and durability are key to quality market umbrellas, and we produce the most wind-resilient market umbrellas available. Designed with a fully rotating and dual-vented canopy, this model allows the wind to flow rather than resist it, reducing the pressure and the likelihood of damage. Wind tunnel testing has demonstrated that this model withstands winds up to 74.5 mph before any damage occurs.

Even More Reasons to Rely on American Holtzkraft

Refurbishment is a sustainable and economically wise choice when site furnishings look a bit worse for wear. American Holtzkaft provides expert refurbishment services for our products and other brands.

We also provide SAM visits for our Florida clients to improve their venues’ Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance aspects. Our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and success is second to none.

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