Double-Vent Aluminum Umbrellas for Resorts

Are you interested in wind-resilient market umbrellas? American Holtzkraft manufactures double-vent aluminum umbrellas for resorts and other hospitality businesses. This feature allows the umbrella to withstand higher winds and provides a nice breeze for guests as they relax.

Double-Vent Aluminum Umbrellas for ResortsBased in Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania, American Holtzkraft, a female-owned small business, has leveraged natural resources, strong materials, expert craftsmanship, and incredibly innovative designs for nearly 40 years to manufacture the finest commercial umbrellas and other site furnishings available.

Comprehensive service related to designing and ordering your site furnishings comes from American Holtzkraft. We’ll help you customize your pieces and determine how many of what type of furnishings you need. Additionally, we provide a range of refurbishment and repair services to help our clients save money and operate as sustainably as possible.

Our refurbishment center welcomes furnishings of all brands, not just American Holtzkraft. We will return your pieces to like-new condition whenever possible.

The American Holtzkraft Difference

American Holtzkraft products are made in the US, as the name implies. Our products are hand-crafted by members of the Pennsylvania Dutch population in the local area. We take pride in the quality of our products and have a few different patents for our innovative designs. Our patents include one for a thatch umbrella (Patent #6802325), a fan umbrella (Patent #6691721), a misting umbrella (Patent #6682000), a two-piece self-locking pole stand (Patent # 5337989), a rotating canopy umbrella (Patent #5020557), and an automatic opening umbrella (Patent #4928718).

American Holtzkraft commercial umbrellas are incredibly strong. The wooden ones are made of Northern Ash, and the aluminum ones are made with machined aluminum. The stainless steel and solid brass components are made of strong materials and laminated for further protection.

The textiles used are also incredibly strong and designed for exposure. The composition of the canopy resists mold and mildew, staining, and sun fading. We’re also extremely conscientious as the pieces are put together. We piece each part together in such a way that operations are seamless and no avoidable damage occurs over time.

The model that pairs dual venting and full rotation of the canopy offers the greatest wind resilience of any market umbrella. Wind tunnel testing has proven this model to withstand 74.5 mph winds before any damage occurs.

The canopy fabrics that we offer come in a variety of styles. Whatever pattern or color you want is available, and we can incorporate panels, trim, and other features as you prefer. We can even help you design and print a logo directly on the canopy. The same design can then be transferred to any cabana or other site furnishings you order. If you have a design that works with your branding in place, request exclusive rights of use to make your site furnishings an integral part of your branding campaign.

Especially for Florida Clients

Clients in Florida should request SAM visits for their venues. We will evaluate the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements of your venue and provide suggestions for improvement. These efforts can make your guests’ experiences even better than before.

American Holtzkraft produces double-vent aluminum umbrellas for resorts, restaurants, cruise lines, and more. Click here to view our online catalog and explore all of our products. If you have questions or orders, call (570) 539-8945 or email [email protected] for a quick response from our dedicated staff.