Double-Vent Wooden Frame Umbrellas for Resorts

Resorts or other hospitality businesses in search of quality double-vent wooden frame umbrellas, consider American Holtzkraft. The essential site furnishings for outdoor spaces are our specialty. We leverage ingenuity, expert workmanship, and quality components to produce the elements needed by theme parks, restaurants, cruise ships, and other hospitality ventures. In addition to market umbrellas, we offer cabanas, daybeds, accessories, and other custom-designed site furnishings.

Double-Vent Wooden Frame Umbrellas for ResortsEstablished in 1985, American Holtzkraft provides incredibly high-quality site furnishings for the hospitality industry. The innovation, hand-crafted expertise of the Pennsylvania Dutch community, local Northern Ash hardwoods, and strong, marine-grade textiles come together, resulting in world-class market umbrellas and other site furnishings.

A Primer on Commercial Umbrella Purchases

If you’re the decision-maker of your company and need to buy commercial umbrellas or other site furnishings for the exterior spaces of the venue, the first elements to consider, after choosing American Holtzkraft, include the shape and size of the umbrellas. The square footage of the area and its purpose will influence these choices.

The professionals here at American Holtzkraft can be of great assistance as you plan the layout of your space. We’re happy to work with you as you choose custom features, design the layout, and place your order.

The next elements to prioritize will be the strength and suitability of the furnishings you choose for the space. Market umbrellas are used outdoors, so they need to be hardy in the face of the elements. Sun exposure, precipitation, high winds, salt water, and pool chemicals are all potentially damaging to furnishings. We use components that resist UV rays, fading, mold growth, and wear. Choose our pieces for minimal maintenance and maximum use.

The pole and frame of the market umbrellas are also important. We utilize materials that resist corrosion whether you choose an aluminum or a wooden market umbrella. The wooden umbrella is kiln-dried, multi-laminated, and finished with your choice of a variety of shades.

Choosing between aluminum or hardwood market umbrellas? Consider the mobility needs of your site furnishings. We provide a wide range of models, and our team will guide you through these choices. In general, the more mobile you need, go with aluminum, and if your placement will be permanent, wooden umbrellas might be the better choice.

Customize your American Holtzkraft market umbrella. The canopy offers incredible branding potential with your choice of color, pattern, logo, and design! We offer exclusive rights of use if you choose as well.

The safety of our site furnishings is the top priority. We offer a wide range of bases and stabilization systems to keep them in place no matter the environment.

American Holtzkraft also prioritizes customer satisfaction. We know that we will mess up, but when we do, we make it right. Perfection is our goal, and we can’t achieve that. But, we can achieve 100% customer satisfaction for reasonable clients. Be prepared for outstanding service, whether you choose us for product purchase or repair or refurbishment services.

If you’re a Florida client, you can also take advantage of SAM (Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenace) visits to maximize the venue for your guests.

Find double-vent wooden frame umbrellas for resorts and other hospitality venues here at American Holtzkraft. Click here to explore our online catalog, and reach out to our team via phone at (570) 539-8945 or email at [email protected].