Free-Standing Outdoor Umbrellas

Find excellent free-standing outdoor umbrellas right here at American Holtzkraft!

We offer many umbrella models and other site furnishings, along with a dedication to customer support.

Free-Standing Outdoor UmbrellasQuality outdoor market umbrellas protect from the sun’s UV waves, heat, and glare. The pieces create a unified aesthetic design, allowing for branding cohesion through customized color, design, and logo options. The source of your market umbrella will make a difference in how successfully you meet these goals.

The choice of American Holtzkraft comes from a sense of our experience and capacity. We have provided top-notch site furnishings since our founding in 1985, striving to live up to that legacy daily. We’re proud of our accomplishments as a female-owned small business with a global footprint.

Our accomplishments have come through a dedication to our customers, innovation, and choice of materials. We use Northern Ash hardwoods, rely on the expertise of the Pennsylvania Dutch community of craftspeople, and have six different patents and even more unique models of site furnishings.

The American Holtzkraft product catalog includes a diverse range of models and features, and we welcome the opportunity to custom-design pieces to meet your needs.

Beyond site furnishing production, we offer refurbishment and repair, with a dedicated warehouse specifically for this purpose. We also provide Florida clients with SAM inspections. During these visits, we will check out your facility’s Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements to identify any areas needing remediation or improvement.

American Holtzkraft Market Umbrella Customizations

When you order for market umbrellas, we will ask that you specify various features regarding your desired pieces. These custom features include all of the following:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Design
  • Valances
  • Trim
  • Stitching
  • Pleating
  • Pole Type
  • Base and Stand
  • Much more

Our team can help as you make these decisions. Please take advantage of our experience operating in the hospitality space.

Other attributes that make American Holtzkraft market umbrellas stand out from the competition include:

  • The quality of the fabrics that we use.
  • The materials for the poles.
  • Even the composition of the hardware used to piece together the umbrella.

Every choice is made to promote durability and usefulness.

Even high winds don’t quickly destroy our market umbrellas as they do others. We created a model with a rotating canopy and dual venting. This model experiences no damage during wind tunnel testing until the winds rise above 74.5 mph.

In addition to strong and durable textiles, multi-laminated hardware, and secure bases, we offer wooden or aluminum poles to support your center post umbrella. We make most of our wooden umbrella poles with Northern Ash hardwoods, but Western Cedar and Plantation-Grown Teak are also available. All of the woods are kiln-dried and sealed with several layers of finish.

Repair potential while in-field will save you time and disruption. For enhanced mobility and functionality when mobile, choose the aluminum pole option.

If you’re looking for a source for your site furnishing needs, choose American Holtzkraft. We operate with integrity and skill, putting our clients’ needs first. Mistakes happen, but we make them right. We aim to secure loyal customers who return to us when the time comes to replace or refurbish their site furnishings.

Order your free-standing outdoor umbrellas from American Holtzkraft today. Click here to check out the catalog, and contact us at (570) 539-8945 or [email protected] with questions or orders.