High-Quality Hotel Poolside Shade Umbrellas

Incorporate high-quality hotel poolside shade umbrellas for the ultimate in style and comfort. American Holtzkraft makes styling, branding, and equipping your venue’s outdoor spaces affordable and straightforward. Our pieces offer the visual and functional elements essential for site furnishings.

High-Quality Hotel Poolside Shade UmbrellasMarket umbrellas are essential for hotel pool patios. Guests need protection from the sun’s glare, heat, and UV rays. A quality umbrella can be the difference between an enjoyable day lounging by the pool and a sunburn. The market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and other site furnishings produced by American Holtzkraft will allow your guests to relish their experience in a luxurious setting that fits within the design and company branding concepts.

About American Holtzkraft

Since 1985, American Holtzkraft has designed and produced various models of site furnishings. We were born of innovation, have seven patents, and leverage the resources found near our home base in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA. The area has a bounty of Northern Ash hardwoods, the hardest hardwoods that grow in North America, and a skilled population of Pennsylvania Dutch artisans.

Our patented features include all of the following:

  • Thatch umbrella
  • Fan umbrella
  • Misting umbrella
  • Two-piece self-locking pole stand
  • Rotating canopy umbrella
  • Automatic opening umbrella.

Our product menu includes all sorts of market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and more. We can also create pieces made to order, provide refurbishment and repair of site furnishings at our dedicated service facility, and perform SAM visits specifically for our Florida clients. A SAM visit involves evaluating the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements of sites to identify any deficiencies.

The Best Market Umbrella Design

The ideal market umbrella design will differ depending on the company, the environment, and the customer demographic. American Holtzkraft offers many options for your custom design – from the size to the shape, special features, color, pole material, canopy pleating and stitching, and even logo placement. Our team can assist you as you make these vital decisions. We even offer exclusive rights of use for the designs that you create.

American Holtzkraft market umbrellas are incredibly durable. The materials and the design work together for a result that resists wear and tear. Our products can withstand exposure without overwhelming maintenance and last season after season.

In addition to the quality pole and canopy components, our market umbrellas are assembled with materials that last: solid brass hardware, multi-laminated hubs and finials, and stainless steel and aluminum components.

Windy conditions can be disastrous for site furnishings, especially market umbrellas. At American Holtzkraft, we produce the most wind-resilient model available. The market umbrella has a dual-vented canopy that rotates fully around its axis, making the wind far less damaging since it can go through the umbrella rather than against it. Wind tunnel testing has demonstrated that this model can operate in 74.5 mph winds before experiencing damage.

The customer service that American Holtzkraft provides is meant to meet all of our customers’ needs thoroughly. When mistakes occur, we set them right. We also offer refurbishments and repair services for our products and those made by the competition.

American Holtzkraft produces the most high-quality hotel poolside umbrellas for shade and visual appeal. We offer a variety of models, customization opportunities, and incredible quality. Ready to order or have questions? Email us at [email protected] or call (570) 539-8945.