Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

Hospitality ventures find the outdoor furniture to suit all aesthetics and purpose-driven areas at American Holtzkraft. We produce remarkable market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and other customized site furnishings for clients worldwide.

Hospitality Outdoor FurnitureGuests who enter your venue’s outdoor spaces should feel the design is current, quality, and appropriate. They should be drawn to the space, partly due to the visual appeal of the site furnishings. Make a great impression by following a few helpful tips.

Invite Guests into the Area

The site furnishings for your hospitality venue should create a stylish and attractive space for guests. These spaces make a substantial impression – for good or bad. With pieces from our collections, you can set your space apart and promote your brand and company image.

Enhance Comfort within Outdoor Spaces

Hospitality is key to businesses within the hospitality arena. Guests need to feel comfortable to encourage satisfaction with the experience. Market umbrellas created by American Holtzkraft provide shade from the sun’s heat and glare, protection from light precipitation, and a sense of privacy for conversation with companions.

Improve Your Brand Reputation

Quality, branded site furnishings will positively affect the company’s reputation. Impress your guests with comfortable, well-kept, and high-quality spaces, and they will take note and spread the word. Don’t undercount the value of word of mouth—in real life and virtually.

Trends in Outdoor Furnishings

  • Warm, cozy, and welcoming aesthetics
  • Neutral foundational colors with splashes of bright colors
  • Modifiable layout with flexibility and natural functionality
  • Create an homage to nature with integrated patio plants, garden walls, and water and fire features
  • Consider the needs of guests with intentions of relaxation and work
  • Put comfort and ease first
  • Prioritize sustainability

Choose American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft is a female-owned small business headquartered in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA. Its history dates back to 1985, and production is based in the US. The high-quality materials, innovative designs, and hand-crafted excellence that we rely upon combine to create world-class market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other built-to-order site furnishings.

We specialize in hospitality, providing products and services for venues worldwide. Our clients include theme and water parks, hotels and resorts, restaurants, cruise lines, country clubs, event spaces, and more.

The market umbrella shape you choose should parallel the furnishings in the space and the area that requires shade. We offer octagonal (round), square, rectangle, and decagon-shaped canopies in a plethora of sizes. The size you need is fairly simple: Measure the area that requires shade and add a couple of feet for continued shade throughout the day.

The team at American Holtzkraft can be a great asset as you shop for hospitality outdoor furniture. We can help with design and layout plans to ensure you get exactly what you need. If you design a themed system of furnishings that appeal to your brand, consider requesting exclusive use rights for that design.

We also provide refurbishment and repair services at a dedicated site for such activities, and our Florida clients can schedule Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance evaluations.

Click here to view our project gallery, or call (570) 539-8945 to explore the first-rate hospitality outdoor furniture we create at American Holtzkraft.