Large Cabanas for Hotels & Resorts

American Holtzkraft provides large cabanas for hotels & resorts, ensuring guests experience comfort, style, and luxury. With beach and tent cabanas from our catalog, you can ensure guests have a place of refuge from too much sun and prying eyes. 

Cabanas from American Holtzkraft

Beach Cabanas

Large Cabanas for Hotels & ResortsHigh-end hotel and resort spaces feature luxurious poolside designs, often including beach and tent cabanas. These pieces must be well-made and elegant, so your source should be a consummate provider of quality site furnishings. 

American Holtzkraft beach cabanas consist of a collapsible aluminum frame supporting marine-grade textiles. Our design is engineered perfection, functioning appropriately while providing ideal beauty for the exterior design.

The cabana design prioritizes durability in the face of environmental exposure. The cushion stuffings are quick-dry foam, and the textile coverings are marine-grade Sunbrella brand fabrics. Clients choose the custom color and pattern, and these features can be completely coordinated with their choice of market umbrellas. 

Beyond longevity, our beach cabanas also address the guest experience. Wind vents in the rear of the cabana keep the shaded area cool, and a conveniently located pocket makes it easy for guests to stash away sunglasses and sunscreen while they take a dip in the water. 

Whether attached to an American Holtzkraft daybed or double chaise lounger, our site furnishings provide shade, privacy, and comfort. 

Tent Cabanas

American Holtzkraft tent cabanas are available in aluminum or wood and sizes 7’x7′ or 10’x10′. They’re perfect for parties and groups of guests. You’ll find that the reservation list for these cabanas is red hot; you may even charge an upgraded fee for their use.

The wood cabana model with an optional quick collapse feature may be essential for areas prone to afternoon storms. 

The Story of American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft calls Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, home, where we have abundant access to critical resources – natural and human. We are a female-owned small business that has been operating since 1985. By prioritizing key features of site furnishing production, we lead the industry, allowing us to develop a global footprint.

Elevated Site Furnishing Essentials:

  • Quality materials including Northern Ash hardwoods, solid aluminum, stainless steel, and solid brass;
  • Advanced innovation, evidenced by six patents and many ADEX awards;
  • The skilled Pennsylvania Dutch community provides superb craftsmanship.

American Holtzkraft produces the leading high-end cabanas, daybeds, market umbrellas, and other custom site furnishings for the hospitality sector.

American Holtzkraft’s site furnishings have impressed clients with quality, style, and functionality for over three decades. We offer prioritized customer service and satisfaction. Mistakes happen in the course of business, but we make those mistakes right every time. Our 100% commitment to customer service drives our efforts, as our deep list of repeat customers reflects.

Repair, Refurbishment, and Inspection Services

American Holtzkraft offers a dedicated center for the repair and refurbishment of site furnishings of all stripes, regardless of manufacturer. We also provide inspection services for Florida clients, wherein we check out the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance features of hospitality venues and make suggestions for remediation and improvement.

Click here to check out the American Holtzkraft online catalog. We offer large cabanas for hotels & resorts that will create the luxurious atmosphere your guests expect. Interested? Call (570) 539-8945 or email [email protected] to place your order.