Large Cabanas for Hotels

High-end hotels need large, high-end cabanas for guests to enjoy privacy during pool parties and other outdoor events. American Holtzkraft offers luxurious options designed for stability, quality, and visual appeal, and we do so with a level of customer service suitable for our valued clients.

Large Tent Cabana Models from American Holtzkraft

Large Cabanas for HotelsAmerican Holtzkraft Cabanas

Model #241

This 7’x7’ tent cabana has an aluminum or wooden frame and features your choice of fabric grade and easy assembly.

Model #244

This tent cabana is 10’x10′ and has an aluminum or wood frame. It’s easy to assemble with any grade of textiles.

Model #741

This tent cabana has a frame made of marine-grade wood or aluminum. It is 7’x7′ and has a steel-reinforced wooden pole diameter of 1 ½”. The wooden frame cabana can be taken down quickly in case of impending nasty weather.

Model # 744

This model has the same strong frame as the 741 model, a 10’x10′ size, and a quick-collapse feature for occasions when inclement weather is imminent.

Our customers will also find several options for daybed cabanas that will attach to single- or double-chaise loungers.

Providing guests with a cabana for sun protection, privacy and a gathering spot for groups will enhance their experience. Our cabanas are made with fine materials and designed for comfort. In addition to offering shade, they have vents to stay cool and avoid damage related to wind.

High-End Shade Solutions from American Holtzkraft

Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, the headquarters of American Holtzkraft, offers us a couple of distinct advantages. In this area, we have a skilled community of Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen as well as forests of Northern Ash hardwoods, the hardest hardwoods that grow in North America. American Holtzkraft is a female-owned small business with a global reach and the highest quality and customer service.

Highlights of American Holtzkraft Site Furnishings:

  • Made with top-shelf materials
    • Northern Ash hardwoods
    • Solid aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Solid brass
    • Marine-grade sealant
    • Marine textiles
  • Innovative designs
    • Six patented designs
    • Multiple ADEX awards
    • Most wind-resilient market umbrellas made
    • Record for largest umbrella constructed
  • Hand-crafted excellence
  • Custom site furnishings
    • Cabanas
      • Tent
      • Daybed
    • Daybeds/loungers
    • Market umbrellas
    • More

Our customer service is second to none. While mistakes will occur, they’re neither common nor acceptable. We make mistakes right and offer consummate customer satisfaction.

You’ll be more than impressed by the quality of service you receive from our staff. Once you design and order your custom pieces, we offer exclusive rights of use if you’d like.

In addition to manufacturing site furnishings, American Holtzkraft offers repair and refurbishment services. At our dedicated refurbishment center, we take in used furnishings of all brands and refurbish them for resale at greatly reduced prices or for reuse by their existing owners.

SAM visits by American Holtzkraft also benefit our Florida-based clients. We can inspect venues’ safety, aesthetic, and maintenance aspects and suggest improvements. This service can be invaluable to hospitality venues whose success depends on guest experience.

Click here, call (570) 539-8945, or email [email protected] if you need large cabanas or other site furnishings for hotels and other hospitality spaces. American Holtzkraft offers maximum value, durability, and luxury.