Large Hotel Umbrellas

Large hotel umbrellas from American Holtzkraft will elevate your venue’s outdoor areas from good enough to extraordinary! Our site furnishings are investments worthy of your money and your guests. Choose us to give your guests a remarkable experience, create a luxury impression, and protect your budget.

Large Hotel UmbrellasHotel umbrellas fulfill a host of purposes:

  • Direct the eye and movement of guests
  • Anchor the exterior design
  • Shade guests from the sun’s glare and UV rays
  • Shield guests from light precipitation
  • Create cozy areas for congregation and conversation
  • Provide a sense of privacy for guests

Branded, custom market umbrellas from American Holtzkraft also provide an avenue for cementing a marketing campaign. One of the primary advantages of choosing American Holtzkraft is the opportunity to personalize the pieces for design and branding purposes.

The American Holtzkraft Story

American Holtzkraft is a female-owned small business established in 1985 based on ingenuity and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We produce market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, accessories, and other custom pieces. If you need site furnishings, we likely have a solution. Over the years, we have developed many unique models, earning six patents, the world record for the largest market umbrella, the most wind-resilient market umbrella made, and several ADEX awards. We now serve clients worldwide and invite you to become one more!

Which Features Do You Need in a Market Umbrella?

The wide selection of features available at American Holtzkraft is impressive. Consider our six different patents alone:

  • Thatch Umbrella – Patent #6802325
  • Fan Umbrella – Patent #6691721
  • Misting Umbrella – Patent #6682000
  • Two-piece self-locking pole stand – Patent # 5337989
  • Rotating Canopy Umbrella – Patent #5020557
  • Automatic Opening Umbrella – Patent #4928718.

We produce center-post market umbrellas in square, rectangle, octagon (round), and decagon shapes in various sizes, measured from rib to rib rather than height. The poles may be made of aluminum or wood, with the finish of your choice. To complete the market umbrella, we use the best-quality marine-grade fabric for canopies as well as stainless steel, solid brass, and aluminum components.

The personalization options continue with the canopy. This area is prime real estate for branding. Color, pattern, pleating, stitching, logo design, and logo placement are up to you, and we offer exclusive rights of use for our clients once they’ve designed a theme that expresses their company’s brand.

One thing that’s not up for discussion is quality. We build with quality as the top priority regarding materials and craftsmanship, and when issues or mistakes occur, we do whatever is necessary to correct them.

In addition to producing the highest-quality site furnishings available for purchase, we also refurbish used pieces. Whether you have a well-used American Holtzkraft model or one of another brand, we offer a dedicated service center where we will inspect, repair, refinish, and recanvas the pieces according to your specifications.

Florida clients can also book SAM visits. During a SAM visit, our technicians will evaluate a venue’s Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance aspects and make suggestions for remediation when needed.

Click here, call (570) 539-8945, or email [email protected] to learn more about the possibilities of large hotel umbrellas and other site furnishings from American Holtzkraft and how they can improve your hospitality venue.