Large Pool Umbrellas

The large pool umbrellas from American Holtzkraft’s catalog of products enhance the poolside environments of hospitality venues like resorts, hotels, water parks, etc. We craft the finest market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and other site furnishings in the United States.

The Choice of American Holtzkraft

Large Pool UmbrellasAmerican Holtzkraft site furnishings check all boxes regarding visual appeal, quality, strength, and functionality. From stainless steel hardware to aluminum flush pole guards and solid brass hardware, the connecting components of our umbrellas promote the appearance and seamless functioning of the market umbrella. They also resist corrosion and damage over time.

We produce market umbrellas in the United States, but our clients span the globe. In addition to using Northern Ash hardwoods, solid aluminum, and strong marine-grade fabrics, the skilled professionals who build our pieces work with pride as they implement our ingenious designs.

American Holtzkraft has six different patents governing the creation of our products. These patents allow us to create a unique Thatch Umbrella, Fan Umbrella, Misting Umbrella, Two-piece self-locking pole stand, Rotating Canopy Umbrella, and Automatic Opening Umbrella.

One size fits all might be fine for other hospitality venues, but not yours. American Holtzkraft provides hundreds of textile choices. Choose the combination of colors, stripes, symbols, polka dots, or any other features you’d like on your canopy. Supplement the fabric with your preferred valance, trim, panel, and stitching choices. We will also be happy to help design your unique logo and screen print it on your market umbrellas’ canopies. Can you imagine a more opportune branding opportunity for furnishings you need anyway?

Our customization potential extends beyond the canopy. You can choose wooden or aluminum poles and their finishes, and the market umbrella design can be perfectly coordinated to complement the daybeds, beach cabanas, and tent cabanas you also order for your venue’s poolside.

Help with Ordering

Further customization and even built-to-spec furnishings are available through American Holtzkraft. Call and speak with our team, describing your needs, and we’ll collaborate on a precise solution.

Market umbrella orders will depend on the shape and size required. We build round (octagon), rectangle, decagon, and square umbrellas in many sizes. Keep in mind that size descriptions refer to width rather than height.

The required size should reflect the area that needs shade plus two feet. This calculation will provide shade throughout the day, even as the position changes from morning to afternoon. If you need assistance planning your purchase, contact our team. We have experience in design essentials, layout, and more. Our ultimate goal is always customer satisfaction.

Spend Wisely and Operate “Green”

In addition to producing market umbrellas, American Holtzkraft will refurbish ones that have seen better days. Allow us to return your well-worn market umbrellas to like-new condition, giving them a second life and saving you from spending more on new ones. This choice also allows you to operate sustainably.

If you’re one of our Florida-based clients, take advantage of SAM evaluations to further perfect your hospitality venues. We will provide helpful feedback regarding the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance aspects of your hospitality venues.

Click here to browse the American Holtzkraft online catalog. If you’d like to purchase large pool umbrellas or any of our other site furnishings, call (570) 539-8945 or email [email protected].