Large Restaurant Umbrellas

As warm weather invites a resurgence of outdoor gatherings, large umbrellas will accommodate large dining groups at your restaurant. American Holtzkraft provides a stellar inventory of these umbrellas along with custom options.

Large Restaurant UmbrellasMount Pleasant Mills, PA, is the home to American Holtzkraft. We’re a small, female-owned business with six patents for technically advanced and innovative market umbrellas. This area is known for the wealth of Northern Ash hardwoods and the workmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch population, and we leverage both. We proudly supply the finest market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, accessories, and site furnishings to hotels, restaurants, resorts, water parks, etc.

Directing traffic, centering seating, and drawing attention are a few purposes of market umbrellas in addition to the standard function of shade, UV protection, and glare blockage.

The appearance of the market umbrellas you use influences the atmosphere of your venue, the growth of your brand, and the satisfaction of your customers. American Holtzkraft produces custom products that will create only a positive impression.

The customers who arrive at your restaurant will begin the experience with positive expectations in light of the market umbrellas. The display will signal to customers the layout of the space. Throughout the meal, customers will appreciate the coverage of the market umbrellas.

The fabrics used to create the canopies of American Holtzkraft umbrellas will weather exposure to the sun, humidity, and more. The care demands of the umbrellas are minimal, and we also offer refurbishment and repair services.

Clients in Florida may even schedule a SAM visit to monitor the Safety, Aesthetics, and Maintenance of the outdoor space.

Branding can be powerful when it becomes an expected part of the background. Our staff has expertise in customizing site furnishings on behalf of clients. We realize that your purchase has power beyond the functional and will be happy to create theme lines for your business.

Every purchase from American Holtzkraft has the full backing of our customer service.

We use only the best quality materials in our market umbrellas. In addition to premium fabrics for the canopy, we use either aluminum or Northern Ash poles and stainless steel, aluminum components, and solid brass brackets and grommets. All materials and components are produced and sealed for the ultimate protection from weathering.

At American Holtzkraft, craftsmen of the highest level create our market umbrellas. Six different patents make our products stand out functionally as well. Two of these features include a rotating canopy and dual venting. Together, these features allow our market umbrellas to be the most wind resilient in existence. This umbrella has withstood 74.5 mph winds in wind tunnel testing before experiencing any damage.

The market umbrella canopy is the eye-catching portion of the feature. We can customize the canopy with various colors, designs, pleating, stitching, and logo placement.

Durability in form and function is a hallmark of American Holtzkraft market umbrellas.

Call on us if you’re ready for a durable, customized order of market umbrellas for your restaurant. We’re happy to oblige with the size and shape that you need.

American Holtzkraft leads the market for small and large restaurant umbrellas. We produce exclusive products for some of the most elite hospitality venues in the world. Learn more about our products by checking out our online catalog or speaking with our team at (570) 539-8945.