Nautical Collection Outdoor 15′ Decagon Umbrella

American Holtzkraft offers world-class commercial umbrellas like the Nautical Collection Outdoor 15’ Decagon Umbrella. No matter the size or shape, come to us for site furnishings that fully meet your needs and service that puts you first.

Features of The Nautical Collection Outdoor 15’ Decagon Umbrella From American Holtzkraft

Nautical Collection Outdoor 15' Decagon UmbrellaThe nautical collection from American Holtzkraft is hardy and designed to withstand stormy conditions. This line can be made according to your specifications since we offer many choices and styles without sacrificing the umbrella’s strength. This 15′ decagon umbrella has a 2 ⅜” steel-reinforced pole for support with a default stain of Rugged Seaside Gray. The stains used are marine-grade for maximum durability in all conditions.

Additional features of this Nautical line include a decorative boat anchor made of solid brass, which attaches to an extra large pin and chain for positioning, decorative lines of hemp encircling the canopy, and looping through solid brass loops at the end of each umbrella rib.

This model features 10 ribs for maximum strength and panel support and a more oversized top and bottom hub to support the decagon canopy. The umbrella opens easily with the dual 3:1 Boom Vang pulley system. The rib design is new, computer-generated, and wind-tested, with a truss-like design and rib-to-hub connection. This innovation strengthens the umbrella and allows for easier repair in the field. Finally, the air vent system in the canopy enhances the umbrella’s ability to withstand high winds.

Customized Umbrellas From American Holtzkraft

The quality and customization of American Holtzkraft market umbrellas are consistent across all models. We build site furnishings that provide comfort and protection, a coordinated and appealing visual design, and convenient functional use.

American Holtzkraft furnishings are built on a legacy of innovation, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship, commitments we’ve made since we began in 1985. As a female-owned small business with a worldwide presence, we work toward perfection, achieving satisfaction for all transactions, no matter what it takes.

Key features that allow us to deliver world-class results include all of the following:

  • Northern Ash hardwood timber
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel and solid brass components
  • Marine-grade sealants
  • Pennsylvania Dutch artisans
  • Six patents and other innovative designs
  • Diverse set of models
  • Customization opportunities

In addition to producing remarkable site furnishings, we provide refurbishment and repair services and have a dedicated space. SAM visits are also available for our Florida customers. During a SAM visit, our experts will examine your space’s Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance features and prescribe solutions for any deficiencies.

American Holtzkraft market umbrellas are available in the shape and size you need, and we offer many styles. Choose the color, patterns, valances, trims, stitching, pleating, pole composition, base and stand, and logo design and placement.

We make repair in the field easy, and opening and closing are straightforward and seamless. Choose our pieces for functional results.

Contact the experts on our team as you determine which products you need. We have nearly four decades of experience in the hospitality site furnishing world.

Order your Nautical Collection Outdoor 15′ Decagon Umbrella or any of our other models to outfit your exterior hospitality space perfectly. We invite you to browse our online catalog and reach out to us via phone at (570) 539-8945 or email at [email protected].