Octagon Market Umbrellas

The foremost provider of market umbrellas in the USA, American Holtzkraft offers wind-resistant octagon, square, rectangle, and decagon umbrellas. Our clients count on us to provide products that they can rely on for the long term.

Who We Are

Octagon Market UmbrellasAmerican Holtzkraft is a female-owned business headquartered in Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania. Since 1985, we have worked diligently to produce the best market umbrellas available. In doing so, we take full advantage of the craftsmanship of our local Pennsylvania Dutch population as well as the Northern Ash hardwoods that grow in the area.

Our expertise focuses on businesses and venues in the hospitality arena. We aim to create the best American-made furnishings that are both appealing and safe. We provide theme parks and water parks, resorts, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues with custom site furnishings, including market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and more.

The Shape of Your Market Umbrella

As guests, patrons, and clients look for a haven from sun exposure, American Holtzkraft market umbrellas offer this relief. We offer an affordable way to provide this convenient relief to your customers.

Making sure that you choose the best market umbrellas for your aesthetic and purpose is straightforward. Market umbrellas’ shape and size create the shade you seek.

Commonly considered round, octagonal umbrellas are the most popular type of market umbrella. Other available shapes include rectangles, squares, and decagons.

The specialists here at American Holtzkraft will be happy to help you as you shop. Whether you need to shade large restaurant seating areas or smaller pool or beach side areas, we can provide the ultimate protection from unwelcome glare, UV rays, and precipitation.

Octagonal market umbrellas are often featured in theme parks and outdoor restaurant seating areas; square outdoor umbrellas work well for square tables; and rectangular tables work for long tables.

The Size of Your Market Umbrella

When choosing the size of a market umbrella, an excellent rule of thumb is to include a 2-foot easement on all sides of the table. This factor will help keep those seated shaded throughout the day, even as the sun moves from east to west.

Handy Sizing Guide

Table Width         Example of Seating Style       Umbrella Size

Up to 30”              2-person bistro set                  6 feet

Up to 48”              4-person dining area              7 feet

Up to 54”              4-6 person dining area           8 feet

Up to 62”              6-person dining area              9 feet

Up to 84”              6-8 person dining set              10+ feet

American Holtzkraft Umbrella Composition

  • Rotating Canopy Finial – multi-laminated wood
  • Reinforced Leading Edge – Double folded and triple-stitched fabric with UV protected thread
  • Air Vents – single and double vents permit winds to escape, creating a safe way to let air flow through the umbrella
  • Reinforced Stress Points – double-layered fabric, sewn in and double-stitched to protect against weather and wind
  • Top and Bottom Hubs – multi-laminated wood and reinforced with stainless steel screws; solid machined aluminum hubs; stainless steel fasteners
  • Pin and Chain – solid brass or stainless steel, adjusts the height and tautness of canopy; chain keeps pin intact with umbrella
  • Pole – Aluminum or Wooden

The lasting power of market umbrellas are typical of American Holtzkraft site furnishings. Whether you need a set of octagon, rectangular, or square market umbrellas, we will deliver quality and strength. To place your order, or to ask questions about a potential order, call (570) 539-8945.