Outdoor Hotel / Resort Umbrellas Jacksonville, Florida

Aluminum or wooden outdoor hotel / resort umbrellas from American Holtzkraft will provide venues in Jacksonville, Florida, with sustained functionality and strength in the site furnishings provided. All sorts of businesses in the hospitality sector – hotels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, and more – rely upon our models.

Outdoor Hotel / Resort Umbrellas Jacksonville, FloridaBeginning in 1985, American Holtzkraft has and continues to produce high-end commercial umbrellas and other site furnishings from the very best materials according to advanced designs and through artisan level hand craftsmanship. Our location in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, allows us to leverage the Pennsylvania Dutch population’s expertise and ample forests of Northern Ash hardwoods.

Beyond the site furnishings that we offer, our customer service, refurbishment services, and SAM visits provide valuable customer benefits. When clients bring us damaged and worn site furnishings, we inspect, repair, recover, refinish, and other return pieces to original condition.

The Aluminum Market Umbrella Choice

The American Holtzkraft aluminum market umbrellas are meant to work well despite heavy use and environmental exposure. All of our materials and techniques are ideal for use and the absolute best available.

The new style of hub that these models feature is sleek and modern in appearance, made of solid aluminum. Each rib is attached via stainless steel pins and screws for easier repair on location, without dragging the piece back to a shop for repair.

The fully rotating canopy is a patented feature of our design, and when combined with a dually vented canopy, this umbrella can be the most wind-resilient on the market. During wind-tunnel testing, these market umbrellas stand up to winds of 74.5 mph prior to destruction.

Aluminum market umbrellas are used for many uses, particularly when the feature needs to be mobile – like a kiosk, food truck, etc. The base that we provide will also be the most appropriate for the area where the feature will be used.

The Wooden American Holtzkraft Umbrella Choice

When our clients need strong, beautiful market umbrellas made of wood, we deliver. We rely mostly on Northern Ash, the hardest of the North American hardwoods, but we also offer Western Cedar and Plantation Grown Teak. These woods are kiln-dried and sealed with marine-grade glue and several layers of sealant. Finish shades available include Teak, Natural Mahogany, Stonehenge Gray, White Wash, Black Enamel, and White Enamel.

These models are made with high-quality materials and the features can be custom chosen.

Shop with American Holtzkraft

The customization potential of American Holtzkraft market umbrellas is impressive. We design and build market umbrellas that last for years, produce them in the United States, and rely on handcrafted workmanship to get the custom design exactly as the client requests.

In addition to your choice between wooden and aluminum poles, you also face a range of other product choices. Select the canopy features most appropriate for the design or brand – color, design, texture, pleating, stitching, and logo placement. Exclusive use is even an option when we produce models that speak to your brand.

Aluminum or wooden outdoor hotel / resort umbrellas from American Holtzkraft will fulfill the needs of hospitality venues throughout Jacksonville, Florida, and beyond. If you’d like to invest in site furnishings that will withstand the tests of time and exposure, place an order via email at [email protected] or via phone at (570) 539-8945.