Outdoor Hotel / Resort Umbrellas San Diego, California

San Diego, California hotel / resort venues searching for outdoor umbrellas find the ideal solution with American Holtzkraft. Visual and functional perfection in the form of market umbrellas and other site furnishings stems from our innovative and detail-oriented approach to production.

Outdoor Hotel / Resort Umbrellas San Diego, California

Weather and use wreak havoc on site furnishings, but American Holtzkraft makes pieces that last longer, work better, and appear nicer than competitors’ work. We serve all hospitality venues, including hotels, resorts, cruise lines, water and theme parks, restaurants, event spaces, and more.

American Holtzkraft is female-owned with more than thirty years of experience. We operate out of Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, a home that provides us with abundant human and natural resources. The Pennsylvania Dutch population provides expert workmanship and artistry, and the Northern Ash hardwoods provide the strongest hardwood that grows in North America. Combined with our resources, the innovations produce world-class market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings.

Our footprint spans the globe, and we proudly serve some of the largest hospitality venues in the industry.


Exterior Design Elevation

The layout will significantly affect the details of your site furnishing order. Combined walking space and lasting shade are difficult to achieve, but this coordination is essential. The ideal design and layout can be achieved with input from the experts on our team.

Market umbrellas should mirror the elements in the environment, like the table, chairs, and design elements. We offer decagon, rectangle, square, and octagon “round” shaped umbrellas in the dimensions of your choice.

When we construct American Holtzkraft commercial umbrellas, we prioritize quality. We hold six different patents and use only the finest materials. Our designs have been awarded repeatedly by the ADEX.

Personalize the Market Umbrella Design

Market umbrellas from American Holtzkraft can be of various shapes and sizes. The canopy fabric may be the color of your choice with the pattern, stitching, pleating, valances, and logo placement you prefer. The poles of the pieces may be metal or wooden with custom finishes.

All of these personalizations will not require any sacrifice regarding quality. Our canopies are incredibly durable textiles that resist fading, staining, weathering, and mold/mildew growth. The poles are slow-dried and strong, sealed with a marine-grade sealant, and held in place with the best quality stands and bases.

Even the smallest pieces of American Holtzkraft market umbrellas are of the finest quality materials. We carefully design and make each piece to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. Solid brass brackets, grommets, and screws; stainless steel hardware; and the strongest of woods and textiles go into our pieces.

Wind resilience is one prominent feature of our market umbrellas. Our wind-resilient model allows winds to flow with a fully rotating canopy and dual venting. These features result in an umbrella that can stand against 74.5 mph winds in wind-tunnel testing before experiencing damage.

The bases that keep your market umbrella in place are exceptionally important. Our umbrellas will ensure that when you install market umbrellas, they stay until you want them moved.

American Holtzkraft outdoor hotel / resort umbrellas fulfill the needs of San Diego, California establishments. Check out all of your options by browsing our catalog or dialing (570) 539-8945 to speak with a professional in the field.