Outdoor Octagonal Market Umbrellas

Hospitality venues in need of outdoor octagonal market umbrellas rely on American Holtzkraft for top-tier quality. We balance hand-crafted expertise, top design innovation, and strong materials to produce the best site furnishings in the world. Beyond market umbrellas, we also offer a range of daybeds, cabanas, accessories, and custom-built site furnishings.

Outdoor Octagonal Market UmbrellasWhen you see a round market umbrella, you’re really seeing an octagonal umbrella, and we offer a range of features that you can personalize. Craft a design that complements the aesthetics of your venue and furthers your branding efforts. Our team will provide their assistance if necessary as you make choices, create a logo, and determine where it should be placed on your custom-designed canopy.

For nearly 40 years, American Holtzkraft has provided ideal site furnishings for a wide range of hospitality businesses. Not only can you design the pieces that you need, but you can also rely on us to build products worthy of your investment. They will serve your business well for years, with minimal maintenance required. 

Customer satisfaction is our mainstay. Mistakes happen on occasion, but when they do, we don’t simply accept them. We make them right, ensuring our customers are happy with every transaction.

A few of the materials we use include the following:

  • Northern Ash hardwoods
  • Marine-grade textiles
  • Machined aluminum
  • Multi-laminated hubs and finials
  • Stainless steel and solid brass hardware.

American Holtzkraft has been honored many times for the quality of our design. The ADEX, or Awards for Design Excellence, is the foremost awards program in the industry, so we’re especially proud of the recognition by this group.

We also hold several patents, including:

  • Thatch Umbrella – Patent #6802325
  • Fan Umbrella – Patent #6691721
  • Misting Umbrella – Patent #6682000
  • Two-piece self-locking pole stand – Patent # 5337989
  • Rotating Canopy Umbrella – Patent #5020557
  • Automatic Opening Umbrella – Patent #4928718

The custom potential of our market umbrellas and other site furnishings is one of the highlights of our company. While we offer standard models, you can customize these with your preferred aesthetics, or relate to us the specific features you need for custom creation.

The canopy of your market umbrella is generally the prime place for customization. Incorporate valances, split panels, trims, and logos in addition to your choice of color and pattern. 

Round, or octagon, umbrellas aren’t the only shape option that we offer. We also produce decagon, square, and rectangle designs in the size of your choice.

Umbrella size should be determined by the size of the space that requires shade. For shade throughout the day, an additional 2’ will provide the necessary easement to account for the sun’s journey from east to west throughout the day.

The following are suggested sizes for various tables:

  • 6 to 6.5 ft. – for tables up to 30 inches wide
  • 7 to 8 ft. – for tables up to 48 inches wide
  • 9 ft. – for tables up to 54 inches wide
  • 10 ft. – for tables up to 62 inches wide
  • 11 ft. – for tables up to 84 inches wide

Whether you need wood or aluminum outdoor octagonal market umbrellas for your hospitality venture, choose American Holtzkraft. Click here to browse our online catalog, and call (570) 539-8945 or email [email protected] to explore how we can be of assistance in your design or ordering plans. We also provide refurbishment services for your aging site furnishings as well as SAM evaluations for Florida clients. Maximize your hospitality venue’s exterior spaces with the expertise and experience of American Holtzkraft!