Outdoor Restaurant Umbrella Suppliers

Outdoor dining is preferred and even required by many during the Covid era, and American Holtzkraft is the best among the world’s suppliers of outdoor restaurant umbrella technology.

Outdoor Restaurant Umbrella SuppliersThe combination of fine materials and pure ingenuity resulted in the American Holtzkraft designed market umbrella. We utilize the resources of the area where we operate in Pennsylvania. The Northern Ash is the hardest of the US hardwoods, and we source the lumber locally. The Pennsylvania Dutch population includes some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world as well.

The canopies completing the umbrellas are made with high-quality textiles, multi-laminated hubs and finials, solid brass hardware, and a design that withstands high winds and sun exposure.

ADEX, otherwise known as the Awards for Design Excellence, is an awards program for product design, and American Holtzkraft is proud to have been the recipient of several. We even hold a world record with Guinness for the largest outdoor umbrella.

Customize the Appearance of Your Market Umbrellas

The design of your market umbrella is entirely within your grasp. American Holtzkraft provides custom design options to create unique umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings. With this custom program, you can embrace functional shade, quality pieces, and a branding opportunity.

The canopy of the market umbrella will have the most apparent customizations. With custom stitching, pleating, color, and logo placement, you can make a statement either explicitly or subtly with the canopy of your market umbrellas. Much as product placement works in television shows, this discreet branding opportunity can help cement the brand positively into the minds of your customers.

How to Determine the Best Umbrella Size

The shape of the table and its size will dictate the size and shape of the market umbrella. You’ll need to increase the dimensions by two feet all the way around to account for the sun’s movement throughout the day.

Consider the following general principles regarding market umbrella dimensions:

  • 6′ – 6 ½’ market umbrellas work well with small tables up to 30″ wide
  • 7′ – 8′ market umbrellas work well with 4-person seating, tables up to 48″ wide, or one chaise lounge
  • 9′ market umbrellas work well for tables up to 54″ wide and 4-6 person dining tables
  • 10′ market umbrellas accommodate two chaise lounges, 4-6 person dining sets, and tables up to 54″ wide
  • 11′ market umbrellas work well with dining sets for 8-14 guests or a table up to 84″ wide

The Quality Aesthetics of Market Umbrellas Last

The solid Northern Ash wood pole of the market umbrella is protected through a process of kiln-drying, applying sealant, and drying of several layers of finish in the shade of your choice.

The Umbrella Itself Is Strong, Durable, and Quality

The wood pole of the market umbrella is strong and durable, even when exposed to excessive moisture, and the aluminum pole guard aids in this protection.

The hub is multi-laminated and reinforced from the interior with stainless steel hardware. The hub is strong, protecting the size of the wood.

Even the hardware is sealed with clear lacquer. Solid brass pieces connect all of the parts, and each is aligned and flush to keep the components from being inadvertently damaged during regular use.

Reach out to American Holtzkraft online or by calling (570) 539-8945 to explore all of our site furnishings. We are one of the country’s best outdoor restaurant umbrella suppliers, and we stand behind every sale.