Outdoor Square Market Umbrellas for Restaurants

American Holtzkraft is the ideal source for restaurants looking for square outdoor market umbrellas or other site furnishings. We build pieces according to your customized choices, including coloring, logo, and other features, allowing branding recognition and creation. 

Hospitality Spaces Need Commercial Umbrellas

Outdoor Square Market Umbrellas for RestaurantsThe American Holtzkraft catalog offers a wide range of market umbrella models so that every hospitality venue can provide appropriate solutions to its space challenges. Commercial umbrellas are essential because they offer functional coverage, shade from the elements and the sun, and visual appeal that will elevate the space well when chosen appropriately. 

Restaurants and other hospitality businesses welcome guests to patios, lawns, sidewalks, and other exterior spaces. When they do, market umbrellas are vital to creating an appropriate atmosphere. Since commercial outdoor umbrellas experience heavy use and constant exposure, they must be made of stronger material than the average patio umbrella. 

American Holtzkraft Delivers Top-Notch Market Umbrellas

Count on American Holtzkraft to deliver pieces made according to rigorous standards. We’re known for the quality of the materials used, the innovation of the designs, the customization of clients’ orders, and durability for seamless and convenient use season after season. 

Our models are appropriate for a diverse range of commercial atmospheres. Market umbrellas designed for restaurant use must work well in all climates and weather conditions. We offer center-post market umbrellas only. Cantilever umbrellas do not provide the level of safety that we embrace as a business. 

Center-post umbrellas are also known as standard umbrellas, and their design is exactly as it sounds. They have a vertical pole installed in the center of the base and canopy, supported by a rib and hub, with a finial at the top. 

American Holtzkraft offers umbrellas in practically any size and shape, including square, rectangle, decagon, and octagon (round) canopies.

As you choose these specifications, the appropriate size and shape matter for the functional result. The size should add two feet of coverage in addition to the precise space that needs to be protected so that the entire space remains shaded even when the sun changes position in the sky from morning to afternoon.

We bring expertise to every outdoor design and strive to produce pieces that perform seamlessly and last year after year. Northern Ash hardwoods, aluminum, solid brass, steel, marine-grade sealant, and all the other materials we use are the best options for umbrella construction.

The material used for canopy construction resists fading, ripping, staining, mildewing, and other issues that you’d expect from textiles left in humid environments and otherwise exposed. We also make sure that clients choose umbrellas with the features that best suit their plans. Temporary versus permanent positioning, automatic versus manual opening and closing, and lighted canopies are just a few of our optional designs..

American Holtzkraft makes the best outdoor square market umbrellas for restaurants. Our global footprint, achieved as a female-owned small business, is a testament to our customer commitment. Experience the longevity and quality of our site furnishings to believe it. Discover what we have to offer by browsing our online catalog and project gallery, and when the time comes to order, reach out via phone at (570) 539-8945 or email at [email protected]