Outdoor Wooden Benches

Outdoor wooden benches from American Holtzkraft will add class and functionality to any outdoor space. We specialize in custom-built site furnishings of all sorts for hospitality businesses, and we put customer satisfaction first. If you need furnishings for the exterior of your restaurant, event space, or other endeavor, reach out to our team to explore the possibilities.

American Holtzkraft relies on three keys to excellence – innovation, workmanship, and fine materials.

Outdoor Wooden BenchesFor nearly 40 years, American Holtzkraft has delivered on this promise of excellence with exceptional customer service and product production. The furnishings that we offer are built to last, and we offer repair and refurbishment services as well.

As a female-owned small business, we’re proud to manufacture our products in the US and have a global footprint. We encourage you to give us a try and become one of our valued customers.

When choosing outdoor seating, the purpose of the space usually guides the decisions regarding style, size, and number. If you’re creating a waiting area for guests or a place for guests to rest as they explore, wooden benches may be the ideal choice, and we offer a range of options, including a custom design if you have specific needs that none of our models answer.

Welcome your guests with a bench for resting, enjoying the view, talking with friends, or even performing some body-weight exercises. The quality of the benches that we offer will impress your guests, require minimal maintenance, and remain strong even when exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

American Holtzkraft Wooden Benches

  • Model #400 – 5’ Standard Bench with optional mahogany finish, wood sealed by slow kiln drying and layers of natural or wood toning finishes for distinctive grains, several layers of marine-grade varnish, tongue-and-groove assembly, hand-crafted, slat-back and solid seat
  • Model #3414 – 4’ Backless Bench with natural or wood toning finishes
  • Model #3404 – 4’ Ash Wood Bench with Arms – distinctive wood grains, marine varnish for weather and water resistance, tongue-and-groove assembly, hand-crafted, available in 6’ and 4’
  • Model #3408 – 8’ Teak Wood Bench with Arms – distinctive wood grains, finish of choice, marine varnish, tongue-and-groove assembly, hand-crafted
  • Model #3415 – 5′ Ash Wood Backless Bench – same American Holtzkraft features that enhance the natural wood beauty and robust hand-crafted construction
  • Model #3426 Custom Made 6’ Teak Wood Bench
  • Model #3330 6’ Eucalyptus Wood Carved Bench
  • Model #3430 8’ Ash Wood Bench

Additional Products and Services from American Holtzkraft

In addition to wooden exterior furniture, we produce wooden and aluminum market umbrellas, daybeds, daybed and tent cabanas, accessories, and other custom site furnishings. Our site furnishings will give any outdoor environment a high-end appeal and appropriate comfort for your guests.

Repair and refurbishment of our own products and those of our competition allow our clients to operate more sustainably and more economically. Save cash and the planet without sacrificing quality by allowing us to restore your pieces to like-new, custom condition.

Clients in Florida can also schedule SAM evaluations, where we will inspect and diagnose the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance elements of your venue to help you maximize your guests’ experiences.

Click here to explore the American Holtzkraft catalog, and reach out by calling (570) 539-8945 or emailing [email protected] to place an order. We produce high-quality outdoor wooden benches alongside our other products, and we can also conceptualize and produce pieces to meet specific needs.