Outdoor Wooden Seating

For spectacular outdoor wooden seating, turn to American Holtzkraft. We provide first-rate site furnishings for the hospitality industry, incorporate custom opportunities for our clients, and provide comprehensive customer service.

Outdoor Wooden SeatingAmerican Holtzkraft has a worldwide footprint in the hospitality sector. We serve a wide range of businesses, and we understand how important the quality of the products we provide can be to the success of your venture.

In site furnishings, wooden options provide a natural appeal and incredible strength when produced appropriately.

Why Incorporate Exterior Seating?

Seating in outdoor hospitality environments is essential. Guests will want to sit, whether relaxing, conversing, dining, or enjoying the view. A pleasant place to sit allows for an improved experience and a more favorable impression of your venue. Protect your venture’s reputation by welcoming guests with as much comfort as possible.

Various types of seating options in exterior spaces will also expand your capacity. Guests may choose to dine outside or enjoy a drink while taking in the view and waiting for a table during the busy hours of a restaurant.

Great weather or an incredible view can become money-making assets when hospitality venues incorporate seating outside. Consider your preferences on a sunny day. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your afternoon in the sunshine?

Why Customize Outdoor Seating?

The outdoor seating you select for your restaurant, hotel, resort, cruise ship, or other hospitality venture matters. Its design will influence your company’s brand and reputation. Prioritize quality and a visual appearance that aligns with the brand’s atmosphere and style.

Wooden furnishings can be customized to suit various styles – traditional, rustic, and even sophisticated. Speak with our team members about the different finishes and designs we can provide to create pieces that suit your business.

American Holtzkraft Wooden Seating Models

  • Model #102 – Enhanced Shaker Design Contoured-Back Solid Wood Chair
  • Model #400 – Standard 5’ American Holtzkraft Bench
  • Model #401 – Customized American Holtzkraft Bench
  • Model #429 – 8’ Standard Picnic Table
  • Model #3413 – 3’ Curved Ash Wood Bench
  • Model #3414 – 4’ Wood Backless Bench
  • Model #3404 – Ash Wood Bench with Arms
  • Model #3408 – 8’ Teak Wood Bench with Arms
  • Model #3415 – 5’ Ash Wood Backless Bench
  • Model #3426 – Custom Made 6’ Teak Wood Bench
  • Model #3325 – Ash Wood Rocking Chair
  • Model #3326 – Ash Wood Carved Rocking Chair
  • Model #3327 – Teak Wood Carved Rocking Chair
  • Model #3330 – 6’ Eucalyptus Wood Carved Bench
  • Model #3430 – 8’ Ash Wood Bench
  • Model #3321 – Ash Wood Armless Chair
  • Model #3901 – Teak Wood Porch Swing

Our wooden seating options for outdoor areas can integrate nature and comfort with the aesthetic you’ve adopted for the space. All of our models offer customization potential. American Holtzkraft anticipates the opportunity to help you earn customer appreciation and strengthen your brand image.

Click here, call (570) 539-8945, or email [email protected] to explore the outdoor wooden seating that we at American Holtzkraft produce. We can also provide custom market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, recycled plastic site furnishings, accessories, and more. If you’re responsible for designing a hospitality business’s exterior design, contact us for expert assistance and products. We prioritize quality, safety, beauty, and value above all, and our clients appreciate that we do everything necessary to satisfy every one of our client’s needs.