Recycled Plastic Rocking Chairs & Table

American Holtzkraft provides a stellar catalog of site furnishings to hospitality venues, including recycled plastic rocking chairs & a coordinating side table for an incredibly durable and picturesque patio space.

Recycled Plastic Site Furnishings from American Holtzkraft

Recycled Plastic Rocking Chairs & TableIn addition to the market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and accessories for which we’re known, American Holtzkraft also produces site furnishings made from recycled plastic. These items include all of the following:

  • Towel Issue Bin
  • Towel Return Bin
  • Bar Stool with Back
  • Dining Chair
  • Backless Bar Chair
  • Adirondack Chair
  • Rocking Chair
  • Lifeguard Chair with Side Step Compartment and Umbrella Holder
  • 6’ Bench with Arms
  • Bar Height Table
  • Dining Height Table
  • 6’ Picnic Table
  • Lifevest Rack (24 capacity)
  • Storage Bin
  • Lifevest Locker
  • Hose Reel Box
  • Podium
  • Podium with Double Doors
  • more

These site furnishings are available in all standard recycled plastic colors, and upon request, we can create custom colors. An additional fee may apply. When designing these pieces, we use noncorrosive stainless steel for all hardware, and we can fully customize them to meet your needs.

There are numerous benefits to choosing recycled plastic site furnishings. They’ll add color that doesn’t fade to your venue, and the products won’t experience damage due to exposure.

An additional incentive is the sustainability of this choice. By choosing recycled plastic site furnishings, you reduce your carbon footprint by saving plastics from landfills and mitigating the resources that would otherwise be used to create new site furnishings.

American Holtzkraft’s rocking chairs, towel bins, lifeguard stations, and other recycled plastic furnishings will fit perfectly within a system of market umbrellas, daybeds, and other pieces we produce. Rely on our team to help you create the ideal setting for your guests. We have over 35 years of experience in this arena and look forward to the opportunity to help you welcome guests appropriately.

Recycled plastic site furnishings aren’t going to experience exposure-related damage in the way that pieces made from other materials will. Moisture, mold, bugs, and sun don’t pose as much risk to these pieces. Invest in American Holtzkraft site furnishings for a venue your guests will appreciate.

Hospitality venues, from event spaces to beach resorts, golf courses, cruise ships, and more, need the market umbrellas, cabanas, and other site furnishings that we produce. Our recycled plastic units may be the ideal solution for your venue.

Complete your hotel or other venue’s poolside patio with coordinated furnishings from American Holtzkraft. We will personalize each piece according to your specifications and put customer satisfaction first. If a mistake occurs, we do everything possible to make it right.

When clients create a coordinated design that promotes their brand, they can request exclusive rights of use, which we will honor. Consider it a way of calling “dibs” on your site furnishing designs.

Choose American Holtzkraft when quality matters. We’re a female-owned small business with a worldwide footprint. Over the last 35+ years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to meeting clients’ needs, working to high standards, and expanding the innovativeness of our site furnishings.

Click here or call (570) 539-8945 to explore the recycled plastic furnishings that American Holtzkraft offers, like the recycled plastic rocking chairs & Table that would make any porch the perfect place to relax and sip a mint julep or lemonade.