Square Patio Umbrellas

Square patio umbrellas will elevate any dining or gathering area at a resort, theme park, hotel, or other hospitality venues. American Holtzkraft produces world-class wooden and aluminum market umbrellas along with cabanas, daybeds, and other site furnishings for use in elite commercial establishments.

We’re the Obvious Choice

Square Patio UmbrellasWhen shopping for market umbrellas and site furnishings, you will most likely research the available suppliers’ quality, experience, and reputation. American Holtzkraft will stand out as the best among the options in the industry.

The high-end aesthetic of American Holtzkraft market umbrellas is undeniable, and we provide outstanding functioning and durability. Consider the components within our market umbrellas:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aluminum flush pole guards
  • Solid brass brackets
  • Solid brass grommets and screws
  • Aluminum or Northern Ash hardwood poles

All of the products we offer at American Holtzkraft are made right here in the USA. They’re handmade with an eye for detail and workmanship, and we hold several patents that make our products incredibly special. You won’t find a safer, better-made market umbrella.

The canopy of your market umbrella, cabana, or daybed will be made from durable fabrics. The choices available are broad in terms of color, pattern, texture, stitching, and pleating.

The customization of the canopy is just the start of the customizations available. The extent to which we’ll go to design the market umbrella that will elevate your venue, inspire your guests, and unify your property design is beyond compare.

When calling to speak with our team, you might want a head start on the vocabulary, so let’s review the essential parts of all market umbrellas.

The market umbrella’s canopy, discussed above, is the fabric part that creates shade and provides protection from precipitation and UV rays. The pole is the primary support for the canopy.

Here at American Holtzkraft, we offer center-post market umbrellas rather than cantilevered options because of the safety issues related to offset poles. Our customers can choose either a wooden or aluminum pole and keeping it upright requires a weighted base.

Less commonly discussed pieces include the following:

  • Ribs – extend from the center of the canopy outward to hold it open.
  • Hubs – ringed systems that support the ribs; they move up and down to open and close the canopy
  • Finial – connects the fabric canopy to the pole
  • Mechanism/Winch – a lift mechanism lifts the hub and ribs to open the canopy

If you want a square market umbrella, measure the size by the width, not the height. When ordering, consider the exact square footage you want to shade and add a couple of feet all the way around to account for the sun’s movement throughout the day.

Market umbrellas and site furnishings aren’t the only reasons to call American Holtzkraft. We also provide maintenance, repair, and refurbishment services when umbrellas have begun to show their age.

Our Florida clients can also call on us for SAM visits, where our expert team will evaluate the Safety, Aesthetics, and Maintenance of their landscape furnishings.

If you need square patio umbrellas to outfit your hotel, restaurant, or other commercial venues, call American Holtzkraft. To discover precisely how our products can reflect your brand’s mission, call (570) 539-8945.