Stand Alone Patio Umbrellas

You won’t be disappointed if your commercial endeavor requires standalone patio umbrellas from American Holtzkraft. We offer all the pieces you’ll need to furnish exterior spaces perfectly. The workmanship, component quality, and creative design of our products maximize use for various hospitality sector venues.

Stand Alone Patio UmbrellasThe great market umbrellas, cabanas, daybeds, and site furnishings we design, produce and distribute depend on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Since 1985, we have focused on doing everything necessary to satisfy every order. In addition, our location provides the natural and human resources to fully leverage our innovative designs: Northern Ash hardwoods and the Pennsylvania Dutch population. The first provides the strongest hardwood that grows in North America for incredible durability, and the second provides the most skilled and experienced artisans to put our designs into motion.

Buying Commercial Market Umbrellas

Suppose you’re the decision-maker for your company regarding market umbrellas and other site furnishings. In that case, you’ll need to understand the various features and how to choose the best options for your space’s size and purpose. Remember that the American Holtzkraft team is always happy to help maximize your purchase’s effectiveness.

With your square footage, plans of use, and capacity needs, we can help with educated suggestions regarding purchasing the best umbrellas.

Size is of critical importance. The width, not the height, is indicated by the size measurement, and you need to ensure that the entire space in question will be shaded for the duration of the day. To accomplish full shade all day, you’ll need to add 2’ to the full measure of the area.

The length of life of the site furnishings also matters. They’re meant to be used outdoors and will be exposed to all the elements this location entails. American Holtzkraft products have this durability in mind, and our components and measures reflect this priority.

Resisting age and weathering are key to our market umbrellas, beginning with the pole. We offer wooden and aluminum pole market umbrellas, which are highlighted to resist rust and damage. They also provide plenty of custom options.

The custom opportunities we provide are ideal for cementing your company’s brand with design. Your branding can be as subtle as a thematic use of color and pleating to the overt literal branding of your umbrellas with logos emblazoned on the canopies.

The safety concerns with using American Holtzkraft umbrellas are nil. We no longer offer cantilever market umbrellas for the potential safety hazard. The stabilization systems we offer maximize safety for the various areas and ways your umbrellas will be used.

Customer service from American Holtzkraft is comprehensive. Our customers know that we do everything possible to provide ideal products, correcting mistakes when they occur immediately. Our services include inspection, repair, and refurbishment at our dedicated facility. In addition, our Florida customers can schedule an onsite SAMs visit where we will inspect and rectify problems regarding the Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance of outdoor spaces.

Trust American Holtzkraft for your standalone patio umbrellas and other site furnishing needs. We demand perfection in our products, which you can see in our online catalog. Place your order or queries today by calling (570) 539-8945 or contacting us online at [email protected].