Vented Market Umbrellas

For the best quality vented market umbrellas, choose American Holtzkraft. Custom options and a wide choice of site furnishings make us the ideal choice for hospitality ventures worldwide.

Vented Market UmbrellasThe American Holtzkraft process blends innovation and quality to produce the absolute best quality market umbrellas available. Only the finest materials go into the production of our products, and we rely on the workmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch population for top-of-the-line results. From our design ideas to the Northern Ash wood that we use as well as the solid brass hardware and repeatedly sealed pieces, the pieces that make up the whole are all of the best materials.

The brilliance of the design of our market umbrellas has earned recognition several times over the years, most notably from the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), which happens to be the premier awards program for product design in the Architecture and Design sector.

Fit Your Brand’s Style and Image

Every product that you purchase for your business should fulfill as many functions as required, and American Holtzkraft maximizes this functionality through the ability to custom design each piece that you order. With the help of our design staff, we can create a design exclusively for your company, even with your brand’s logo screen-printed on the canopy if you so desire.

The canopy can also be personalized with the addition of trim, valances, split panels, or special pleating. Choose the color and design of fabric that you prefer to ensure that your market umbrellas are well suited to your store’s identity and even further cement that brand image in your customer base’s subconscious.

Planning for Your Space and Your Purpose

As part of your custom order, you’ll need to choose the size and shape of your market umbrellas. These options should be selected to work with the available space as well as the purpose of the area. For example, do you host events with large crowds? Do you display? Are you shading several small tables? Ultimately, the size of the market umbrella should include 2′ of additional space on each side compared to the area you wish to shade to accommodate the movement of the sun through the sky and the location of shade throughout the day.

We offer various shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, decagon, and octagon (round) shaped canopies in a wide range of sizes.

Benefits of Vented Market Umbrellas

The single-vented or double-vented market umbrellas that we produce increase the durability in all weather conditions of the umbrellas. In addition, venting allows the air to flow through the canopy, reducing the stress caused by windy conditions.

We also provide the option to include a rotating axis that spins around the pole, even further mitigating the damage caused by wind. These two patented features allow us to produce the most wind-resilient market umbrella available. In addition, wind tunnel testing has proven this umbrella to suffer no damage until the winds reach above 74.5 mph.

Reach out today to the team at American Holtzkraft to order your company’s own vented market umbrellas or other custom site furnishings. Our number is (570) 539-8945, or you may choose to email [email protected] to place an order. We welcome you to browse our online catalog for inspiration and further education regarding all of your options.