Model | Synthetic Thatch Umbrella


WOW!! We did it again! We took an old idea… made it better… and fell in love with it all over again.

Introducing… American Holtzkraft’s exclusive 2nd generation ST702, synthetic thatch market umbrella, featuring an innovative, natural looking thatch canopy made from Low Density Polyethylene resin. LDPE is romantic high tech terminology for… LONG LIFE

The beautiful natural hues are created by pigments and protected by UV stabilizers imbedded in the material, which can not wear off or deteriorate with constant exposure to the sun.

Like our 1st generation classic natural thatch, this umbrella is fully functional and portable. Our talented team has engineered this sun loving beauty with a new figure creating additional interest in form and function. It’s well balanced, 10-rib frame boasts of a 2′ diameter, steel pipe reinforced pole and heavy 2′ ribs.

  Product Details
  • Distinctive Hardwood grains preserved by slow kiln-drying, sealings and slow drying of multiple finishes.
  • 2″ diameter, steel pipe reinforced ash pole laminated for strength.
  • Aluminum flush pole guard protects pole and minimizes swelling in the stand.
  • Decagon hub is horizontally multi-laminated and reinforced internally with stainless steel hardware. Hub design accents strength, keeping the wood girth stable in all weather.
  • Multi-laminated real wood or synthetic wood finial.
  • Flexible high-gloss finish for outdoor use.
  • Heavy, solid brass eye-screw and chain connect the positioning pin.

Thatch qualities:

  • Low density Polyethylene injection molded Resin (LDPE).
  • UV Resistant Pigments imbedded in resin.

Lighting option K
Various wood species
Woodtone finishes
Stainless steel hardware
Fire retardant thatch


Shape: Decagon

Ribs: 10

Pole Diameter: 2 3/8″, steel reinforced pole

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