Half Patio Umbrellas for Restaurants & Bars

American Holtzkraft provides superior center-post and half-patio umbrellas for restaurants, bars, and other hospitality venues. We design site furnishings that are durably designed, beautiful, and seamlessly functional. When you want high-quality products and services you can depend on, turn to the team here at American Holtzkraft.

Half Patio Umbrellas for Restaurants & BarsIn addition to site furnishing production, we also provide refurbishment services for all brands of market umbrellas, and our Florida clients can book Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance visits for evaluation and remediation of hospitality venues.

The Case for Commercial Market Umbrellas

American Holtzkraft provides site furnishing solutions for all sorts of hospitality venues. Market umbrellas are integral to all outdoor commercial spaces because they protect from heat, glare, UV rays, and precipitation. Furthermore, well-designed market umbrellas add to the business’s aesthetic and branding.

Restaurants with outdoor dining need market umbrellas, and those designed by American Holtzkraft will suit the individual establishment appropriately. We construct our furnishings to function for long periods, even when used daily in areas with extreme weather exposure and use. We have rigorous safety standards and use only the finest available materials to implement our innovative design plans.

Professional market umbrellas made by American Holtzkraft cater to the needs of any hospitality setting. We design restaurant umbrellas to enhance the design aesthetic while functioning well in any outdoor conditions. Check out the various models that we offer or call on our team for a fully custom creation. We specialize in the creation of center-post upright market umbrellas—even offering the most wind-resilient umbrella available and holding the world record for the largest umbrella.

The Half-Patio Umbrella by American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft model 702-Half is a 4’ half octagon (round) market umbrella with five ribs and a pole diameter of 1 ½”. This market umbrella blends durable engineering and beautiful design to complement restaurant and bar outdoor spaces, especially in tight conditions.

Features of the 702-Half Model:

  • The hardwood grains are distinctively preserved and displayed after being slow-dried in a kiln, sealed, and layered with multiple finish applications.
  • The pole is made of solid Northern ash, is full-length, and is laminated for durability and resistance to warping.
  • The finial is also layered with multiple laminated layers for protection against environmental exposure.
  • The finish is high-gloss and durable for continued attractiveness despite exposure.
  • The brackets that connect textiles are made of solid brass and sealed with clear lacquer, as are the grommets and screws. The screws are installed flush to avoid wearing on the fabric when the umbrella is in the closed position.
  • The positioning pin is connected via a solid brass eye screw and chain.

The Best Design for Your Eatery

Consider all of the influential factors as you choose the market umbrella for your establishment. American Holtzkraft builds every model with a durable frame and canopy design, and while we allow for customization, safety, and quality are never up for discussion. They come standard.

Customize your canopy design by color, texture, pleating, stitching, and logo design and placement. We use marine-grade fabrics that are resistant to fading, staining, tearing, or mildewing. Once you design a market umbrella or cabana for your company, you can also request exclusive rights of use.

Click here to explore the half-patio umbrellas that American Holtzkraft offers for restaurants & bars. You can also email us at [email protected] or reach us via phone at (570) 539-8945.