Outdoor Half Umbrellas

Hospitality venues with tight dining spaces outdoors may find half umbrellas from American Holtzkraft could be the ideal shade solution. We are the premier source for custom site furnishings, including market umbrellas, daybeds, cabanas, and more.

Outdoor Half UmbrellasThe half-round market umbrella, American Holtzkraft Model 702-HALF, is a sleek, compact, and stylish option for hospitality venues, creating a dining area alongside the wall of a building or another tight space. Its design allows for placement flush against a wall and is available in the same custom colors, patterns, and logo additions as our other umbrella options. Consider this model when space is a factor. The half-circle octagon umbrella has a 4′ diameter, five ribs, and a 1 ½” pole diameter.

The marvelous artistry and fine materials that mark American Holtzkraft’s work also shine through in the half umbrella. The umbrella’s Northern Ash hardwood features display beautiful grains and has the strength created through kiln-drying, several layers of sealant, and a marine-grade finish. The hub is made of the same Northern Ash as the pole and is reinforced with several layers of laminate and internal stainless steel hardware. The hub doesn’t expand and shrink as temperatures change, and the pole is also protected from swelling with an aluminum flush pole guard.

At the top of the half umbrella, you’ll see a finial – multi-laminated for maximum durability despite routine exposure to the elements. Connecting the canopy to the hardware, solid brass grommets and screws are sealed with clear lacquer and applied to prevent any fabric snags when the umbrella is in use or stored. Even the eye screw and chain that attach the positioning pin are made of solid brass for ultimate durability.

American Holtzkraft – Quality and Custom Site Furnishings

Hospitality venues with outdoor spaces need site furnishings like market umbrellas, cabanas, and daybeds. Theme parks, water parks, beach-side resorts, restaurants, country clubs, cruise ships, bars, coffee shops, and event spaces need the products we offer. When considering whether to buy from us or our competition, quality, longevity, and customization potential make the choice clear. American Holtzkraft is the best investment businesses can make in site furnishing purchases.

We offer a wide range of sizes and models, all customizable as needed. Our products also feature seamless operations and quality visual appeal as standard.

American Holtzkraft has been elevating the expectations for commercial site furnishings since we began in 1985. Our headquarters is in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, where we can source the expert workmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch community and Northern Ash hardwood forests. Our efforts focus on a few priorities: quality, safety, customization potential, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service, Refurbishment, and SAM Visits

Our commitment to customer service is unmatched. Mistakes may occur, but when they do, we make it right every time.

Beyond producing marvelous site furnishings, American Holtzkraft also refurbishes used pieces. We have a dedicated center where we thoroughly inspect, repair, re-canvas, refinish, and otherwise return site furnishings to like-new condition.

SAM visits are available for our Florida clients. Our experts will come to your venue, evaluate the property for Safety, Aesthetic, and Maintenance deficits, and provide remediation when needed.

Click here or call (570) 539-8945 for outdoor half umbrellas or other products from American Holtzkraft. Choose us for the high-quality pieces and consummate service your establishment and patrons deserve.